Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Hi all! Sorry for neglecting you. It seems we all go through seasons where we are right on top of keeping everyone informed about our comings and goings, and visiting every one of our beloved blogs and commenting before we leave; and then seasons where we are not and do not. There is a LOT of neglect going on in my world these latest days. Of course you can put that down to completely losing the use of my right hand for 2 weeks, and to still having to use it with care. You could. And it would be true to a good extent. Over these past couple of weeks, I have had a post brewing in my head about feelings. Specifically being a slave to my feelings. Emotional feelings, intuitive feelings, how I feel physically; and really seeing how these feelings rule my life and my choices. I'm not going to write about it today because I am still pondering - but one of these days, when I feel like it ~ I will. :)
Today I want to show you an example of the neglect, and what I did about it!

We have had a series of lovely days, cool and sunny with low humidity - and today is one of those days. It is also a day that I have an open schedule until it is time to make dinner and then head off to rehearsals and the Ash Wednesday service at church. I of course, came straight to my computer this morning (typing with TWO hands btw) and spent a good deal of time trying to get into the mood to do something else. Chatted with HisGirl about my options for the day and hers (sadly, none of which include us meeting for chai or shopping together) and finally purposed to stop feeling and start doing. Rosebushes it is!

In our front yard, we are working on a stone path and are lining that path with rosebushes. The whole thing is overgrown; well, what of it that is finished anyway. Here are my poor, negelected rosebushes....

Here are the tools for today's project....(that box is for the weeds and clippings - it is from the canister lights that hubby is installing in the kitchen!!)

Here are the rosebushes now.....

Man that feels good.

P.S. - I got interviewed today over at Jewels In My Crown...Someday
that felt good too.


Gretchen said...

You go, Rose Girl. You go!

Can't wait for the feelings post. But now, unfortunately, you have that schlocky song running in my head (likely for the rest of the day).

Feeeeeeeeelingzzzzzzz...Oh Woh, woh, Feeeelllllllinggggz.


Thanks a lot.

His Girl said...

Hahaha Gretchen, I've been singing Les Mis because of YOUR blog... tee hee

I LOVED your interview, S4J... so totally YOU!

I totally know about the neglect, too. trying to motivate to fix that as well.

IdahoAngie said...

very beautiful job you did! Makes me wish I could get out in the yard and do some yard work... buuuutttt... It's still to cold for that here yet. Oh but we are moving back into our house this weekend. The resteration crew that packed up our house after the fire has started moving furniture and boxes back in. OOOH what a site! I am so excited! I get my ever so comfy bed back! WOOT! Love ya! Keep on healing up that hand! Takes it easy don't over do it... oh and send some of that warmer weather this way please!

Alana said...

Girl, are we on the same wave length right now or WHAT? It was good to hear from you. I hear you A LOT on that first paragraph. Good stuff.

Jenster said...

Hello... I'm a neglecter right now, too! Can't wait to go read your interview. And can't wait to read the brewing post! And can't wait to hear Gretchen sing that song out loud! And can't wait 'til November!!