Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mission Possible

HisGirl and I are developing a game. In the interest of accountability, taking care of the things God has blessed us with, AND still getting to do the things we want to do (which is chat online and blog blog blog). When we are IM'ing, which we do daily; we will break out with random jobs to do. Sometimes in the form of - "It's a challenge.....GO!" sometimes in the form of, "I'm going to change the laundry" "I'M GOING TOO!"
We are rather enjoying this game. And our homes seem to be happy about it too. Today I said to myself, "Self - why keep this wonderment to yourself?" And myself said back, "Well Self, I can't imagine why we would! Let's tell the WORLD" (oh and I also told myself this: *Note to self* - ALWAYS check the kids' bathroom when someone says they are on their way over because it is also the GUEST bathroom. ICK)

So. You are being invited into the game. Just so you know, this is a game of SMALL missions. For example: CORRECT USE OF THE GAME: Clean one item in the bathroom. GO! INCORRECT USE OF THE GAME: Clean the WHOLE bathroom. NO GO!(You can choose once you are engaged in the mission to go the extra mile if the mood strikes you - but it is NOT a requirement.)
Today a mission I made for myself was to tighten the tank on the toilet in my bathroom. This was so simple, that I moved on to other things in the bathroom that needed tightened. And so the mission became a fun search for loose things in the bathroom. I used simple, common tools,(which are mine and not my husband's) and spent MAYBE 30 minutes in my bathroom. (Taking and editing the pictures took longer than the actual mission) There is now no wiggly or squeaky thing in that place. I am a girl! I did it!

Your Mission: Should you choose to accept it; Think of something anywhere in your house that needs tightened or squeaks. And go fix it!!
Report back to me when you have completed your mission. You can either - make your own post about it with pictures and let me know, or you can share on my comments.

BUT BEFORE YOU GO..... Look at how I completed the mission!!! These are the items that needed tightening or de-squeaking, and the tools I used to fix them.

This one I actually found the little nut on the floor when I was down there fixing something else. I didn't even know the thing had fallen out of the switchplate!! Geez!

And I see that HisGirl, without even knowing what I was doing, has secretly challenged me on today's post.



mel said...

Nice new look to your blog -- except that I can't read the words except the hyperlinked words. Any clue as to why?

His Girl said...

a) i love the new look. very clean yet welcoming!!!
b) I LOVE our game. can't wait to play a few rounds tomorrow.
c) THOSE PICS ARE SO GORGEOUS! LIKE REALLY REALLY BEAUTIFUL! you make handy work look almost glamorous.
d) good for you for all your cool work!
e) your writing these days! so descriptive!
f) I love that you made the rules for our game. that's exactly why I will be your friend FOR ALL OF ETERNITY!

Jenn said...

First I really like the changes on your blog. Love the blue!

Look at you Ms. fix it! Also amazing pictures. Who knew a potty could be so pretty?

Question: our master potty makes a running noise - do you think something needs tightening?

I would love to join the game! We all know that household work is not my fave, but once the house is clean I LOVE IT! So let me know how I can play along.

PS- Our boys' bathroom is for company - so you can only imagine how often I have to clean it!

Becky said...

Go you! Kind of makes me want to go batten down the hatches in my own bathroom!

That sounds like a fun 'game', too!

Shauna said...

How is it you make pictures of bathroom fixtures and work tools look like a work of art! All soft and amazing. I would hang that on my wall!! No joke. I am so glad that you're officially and "professional" and getting paid for your work. It's amazing!

And that game sounds interesting. Maybe I should start it up here with a good friend ... hmmm.

God's Guitar Girl said...

Shauna took the words out of my mouth -- quite literally! That sounds just like something I'd say!! I'm going to go take a nap now... GO!!

God's Guitar Girl said...

P.S. -- I like the green better; seems to perk me up when I look at it. But I like the clean look of the blue, too...

Halfmoon Girl said...

What a great idea!

Gretchen said...

Great job and wonderful game, S4J!

I will play. Big is going to China tomorrow, so I have L.A.U.N.D.R.Y. to do. I'm going to switch loads really.quick and get back to you.

I'm panting with excitement. I hope I'm playing by the rules. :)

Gretchen said...

Okay, laundry is in/changed, and I made it to little Caesar's for pizza dinner. :)

truth said...

This looks like fun. Thank-you for lightening the words on your posts. I came here yesterday and wasn't able to read anything.

Jenster said...

LOVE THE GAME! I've dusted the TV as challenged to me by His Girl. I actually did your challenge last night - fixed the squeaky door hinge on one of my kitchen cabinets! lol

BTW - Nice look. :o)

Alana said...

I might join in from time to time, but I'm not really a screwdriver girl, I have to say. I like to pretend like I don't know how to use one ;-) It's not far from the truth.

Our guest bathroom is also the bathroom the kids use most. Scary, isn't it?

April said...

I'm with Alana regarding the screwdriver stuff. Except, I believe it's against the law but hey I did clean out a hairbrush..that's totally legal.

Marsha said...

This looks like a fun game! I'll be watching for the next assignment. Sorry I'm so late checking in with you. You know how crazy my days have been since last Wednesday! I'm looking forward to this week being more back to normal...I hope.