Thursday, February 28, 2008

Letters From War

Feb 4

Thanks for getting me some shoes. I will try them out tomorrow.
Everything is going okay here. I'm very tired and my knees hurt today, though. I don't think it's anything to worry about.
I'm keeping a journal here. So just in case anything happens make sure you look for it.
I'm doing my best to stay safe for you. I try not to go outside during the times I shouldn't. I lock my door whenever I'm in my room.
I have been eating pretty good and usually remember to take my vitamins. I didn't even remember how old I am when someone asked the other day. :)
I just wanted to send you a quick letter to brighten your day.
I think of you all the time.
I love you


mel said...

Thank you for sharing these with us.

And you're welcome about the teen blog. I figured it would bless more than just me, although I was talking about my own teens. The universal truths of adolescence are pretty predictable. Sometimes.

Hugs to you.

His Girl said...

*deep breath*

love, love, love these.

Becky said...

Prayers for his safety and comfort for you. ((Hugs)) to you, friend.

Alana said...

So sweet. How you must miss him.

Mama P said...

Wow. If it's any consolation, there are times I want to send my husband off to war so I can be ALONE.

Seriously, I'm sorry he's so far from you. Those letters are so sweet.

I wish I could help you. I really do.

Even though I don't know you. So that would make me a stalker.

Hmmmm. How about lots of thoughts and prayers???

Gretchen said...

Lord, keep him safe and return him soon, I pray. In Jesus' name. Amen.


Shauna said...

Have I said "thanks" enough for sharing these. I'm praying for his safety and your comfort. (((HUGS)))

Sing4joy said...

mel, becky, gretchen, shauna = cyberhugs are the BEST kind of ever there were for me! (see my post about personal space)
becky, gretchen, mamap, shauna = I truly covet your prayers. I know that God hears you (and me too)
mamap = I don't think you have any idea what a ray of sunshine you are to me. You get my sense of humor, and always leave me a drop of laughter.

Jenn said...

I can not add anything that others have not already said. I just wanted to say again that I am praying for him, you and the kids during this time.

Here is another hug! :o)

Jenster said...

I just don't know what to say. Love these posts.

PJ said...

Wow!! Thank you for sharing. I have tears just reading the exerpts! Bless you...and him for what you are doing for the rest of us!!

April said...

I've got tears in my eyes. Thanks for sharing. May the Lord watch over you both while you are apart.