Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Okay, so when I got loaded into the car to head to the Chapel -(FYI - there are nearly 900 songs on my iPod) the first song that popped up on my iPod was ALL CREATURES OF OUR GOD AND KING and as if that wasn't funny enough to God, the very next song that followed was Aaron Shust's MY SAVIOR MY GOD which starts out, "I am not skilled to understand what God has willed, what God has planned; I only know at His right hand stands one who is my Savior..." As I was driving up in the McDonald's drive-thru, I did the cardinal no-no of bad drive-thru habits - I answered my cell phone. IT WAS MY HUSBAND. I just had to choose to apologize for being rude because, HELLO, IT WAS WAR ON THE PHONE! Ironically, we only talked for the length of time that I was in the drive-thru.
After I had shown my ID to the gate-guard, the next song that came on hit me like a ton of bricks. I have listened and sung to this song a cajillion times but today it was like I was hearing it differently. I saw it being about our oldest daughter, who is 16 1/2 and for reasons of her privacy, I will not get into the details of our situation. She is quickly approaching the age of earthly maturity and it is my prayer that she will come to a place at some point in her life where she will be able to see and accept the love that we have for her. We pray for her each and every day, and I fully admit that I bear some responsibility in this matter and am working that out with God. For now, it has to be enough for me to know that she is in a home where she is loved. I am not asking for advice, or opinion on this matter, just sharing my day... but as always, prayer is appreciated.

I don't know how the story ends....


His Girl said...

Father God, please let all prodigals & parents of prodigals know that You have them in the palm of Your hand.

Father, it's easier to see how much you long for us to accept your love and discipline and for us to return to You when we know what it feels like to yearn.

Lord, forgive us for the pain we have caused you, and help us to be ready to accept those who have hurt us whenever they decide to come home.

In Your Matchless Name,

Sing4joy said...

Amen and amen.

His Girl said...

note for you, sing4joy:
you stink for making me cry that hard!

Jenn said...

I was not sure I was going to post on this one because it is personal.

But I just want to say I said prayer for everyone involved. Thank you for sharing so we can pray.