Sunday, November 25, 2012

Carpenters Bluff Bridge

I love bridges.

Today hubby took me on a photo-taking date to the Carpenters Bluff Bridge. The bridge has been spanning the Red River since 1910. You can read more about the bridge here.

Trains used to pass on the bridge, but it has been converted for vehicle traffic.   Cars can only go one direction at a time and they go way too fast , if you ask me. 

The foot bridge is even more scary.

The bridge appears to be coming apart at the seams.

Blessings on your day,

Thursday, November 15, 2012


                                   Our youngest.

Seems like they were born sometime close to just yesterday.   6 feet and 4 inches of boy twin will tell you that this is not so.   Today we stand in excitement, celebration, and ~yes~ a little bit of trepidation to announce that they are seventeen .   I have written about this some; here and here .

Though they are twins, in typical fashion, they are each attacking their special day quite differently.   Boy twin, just wants to get through  school - if it were up to him, he would have stayed home today.   He chose to open all of his presents, leaving no wrapping un-torn.   Grandpa got him a very particular Swiss Army Knife (They all tell me that every man must have one. I agree. But he is not a man, he is my Sonny-Boy.)

Girl twin , who has been telling her friends all month that her Birthday was coming, put on a special dress, Birthday Princess Ribbon , Birthday Tiara , and the brand new make-up that Grandma made sure she was able to open and use on her special day.   She chose to open her gift from Grandma, and just 2 from Mom and Dad so that she would have more to enjoy when she came home.
As we step into this final year of major influence over their lives, where they take more of the reigns and we practice letting go, I am filled with many emotions.   It is becoming real that these small creatures , the last additions to our little family, are soon going to be flying off in search of life, love, fame, fortune, education and deciding who they really are without the constraints and close guidance of their parents.

One year.   One year to pray like I've never prayed before.   One year to show them Jesus every day.    One year to ask more leading questions like, "Is it worth how hard you are going to have to work for that?" "How does that fit into your faith?" "Do you really want to do that??"   One year to issue less commands like, "Eat your vegetables." "Be kind." "No you may not watch bloody chainsaw sexpot vampire f-bomb movies . I don't care if every other parent lets their kids."   One year to practice waiting for them to ask for my opinion rather than throwing it at them with the force of a hurricane every chance I get. (I don't really do that.) (I don't think.) (Much.)

Sonny-Boy hugged me this morning. I wonder if he will hug me when he comes home for Thanksgiving with his wife and children....

Blessings on your day friends,

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day *repost*

With deepest gratitude to those who have willingly stood in service to this country and to those who have willingly stood beside them.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Generation to Generation

It is that time, once again, for P.W.O.C International Conference. An incredible time of worship, study, fellowship, growth and squeals from every direction. I will not be in attendance this year and, of course, I am sad about that but it doesn't mean that I cannot go before God in prayer and thanksgiving for this wonderful conference and the life-changing transformations that happen there.

A lot goes in to making these conferences happen. Women work tirelessly (these take about 2 years to plan), dedicating their gifts and talents to the glory of God. From the prayer warriors, to the local conference team leaders, to the workshop leaders, to the International Board.

Today, as I begin my prayer journey and women from all over the world begin or continue to travel to Nashville, Tennessee ~ we will start with J. Moss. Why? Because we must praise.


Blessings on your day, and your journey my friends