Friday, August 1, 2008

My Babies

These are my babies. Our youngest. Seems like this picture was taken today. Alas, this is not the case. Today I took my babies to Junior High Back To School Days. Here is where you would see lots of Mommies posting about the sadness of knowing they would not have any more babies, never again to feel that miracle of life growing inside them, no more of seeing their little ones look at the world with wonder. You will not find that here!
I am excited for the people my children are becoming and will become and to know that we are in the downhill slope is FANtastic. "WHAT S4J? Are you saying you love the teen years???" Well, I wouldn't say that necessarily, but I love what it means for my children and what it means for their parents. They are so close to being out on their own, showing the world who they are and making their own way in life. Grab a hold of your God and go get 'em babies!


His Girl said...

awesome post! i love, love, love it!!

i can't believe your babies are so big- and although it makes me old, I am so impressed that you are embracing the coolness that is ahead!


Gretchen said...

Amen! David is 12, and it's scary and exciting to know that we'll be rid of...(ahem) that he'll be done with school in 6 short years.

Where has the time gone? Of course, I still look fabulous (at least to those who don't look too closely). :)

bcolmer said...

My goodness - does your boy look like your hubby! Wow!!

Beautiful photo.