Friday, August 8, 2008

The Color of Money And Hoarding

This is the color of money. The color of fear. The color of hoarding. The color of loving things. The color of my Father's love for me.

Anxiety over getting rid of stuff. This is what I have been struggling with since we have begun putting the newly renovated rooms back together in our house. God has been prompting me for several months to simplify. And I was even able to make an agreement with my husband that if I purge now and a project or a need came up, I could purchase the supplies I needed ~even at full price ~ at the time I need them. So what is the problem? I know that my Father loves me and wants only good for me. I know that my husband loves me and will keep his word. WHY am I having stress over getting rid of embroidery floss? I don't know all of the psychology of it. I do know that God has made me to be a person who thinks to the future and prepares. He intends me to be preparing for the return of Jesus, and preparing for situations here on earth. . Satan has been working to twist this into a fear of being found lacking and into stockpiling things I haven't touched in three years(or - gross truth - longer)until there is no room to walk .
"But S4J, you are being too harsh on yourself. Don't you still do cross-stitch? Why get rid of that box of embroidery floss?? It's SOOO pretty!"

Because. I also have this

And I also have this

It has to stop. Even if we were in a fallout shelter for 17 years, I could not possibly use all of that floss for the projects that I am inclined to do. Yes, perhaps, I could use it for my whole family to floss their teeth with - but seriously - I will have enough of actual dental floss in the fallout shelter to handle that too.
After going through my crafting supplies, ONLY the cross-stitch related items, I found that I had 3 bins of floss. Approximately 8 pieces of AIDA/Linen fabric. TWENTY-SIX complete and unopened kits. And EIGHT opened and begun projects. I cannot possibly fit all of my stuff into the new space allotted to crafting by our renovations. I figured out that I had somewhere around $200.00(at full price) worth of unopened kits.

I have now Nine unopened kits (2 of which are specifically gifts for others)(Plus 9 that are going to the forever house in Texas that are the sweetest garden markers for herbs ~ which I can work on when I am visiting there), Five started projects, 1 bin of floss (which is the bin that my Aunt and my Cousin gave me as a Christmas gift many years ago where they meticulously wound and labeled the floss themselves) 1 gallon size Ziploc bag with whatever fabric would fit in it, and various hoops.
That was a really really difficult process(although it shouldn't have been) (I was actually physically shaking last night while going through my things), made easier by prayer, tough talk and sometimes patient and encouraging decision assistance from HisGirl.

I'm still working on going through my craft supplies and figuring what I really want to keep and how to fit it into the newer, prettier-but-smaller space we have allotted for it. And just thinking of that is making me breathe harder and tense up. Chill out girl! Look at this promise and claim it!

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
Jeremiah 29:11


His Girl said...

oh, i love this. totally love this.

you are encouraging me so much with this post. good girl.


Becky said...

GREAT idea. With our upcoming move, I plan to whittle down my stores, too. As in 10 tubs of fabric. For quilts I won't have time to make until I'm a doddering old lady.

What the Lord doesn't lead me to give away, I'll e-bay.

Suzanne said...

Oh, I can so totally relate to this post! I struggle with the same thing. Praying for you!

mel said...

have you been walking around in my garage?? same pictures....same stories....of course, it's not too easy to walk around in my garage due to the JUNK!

so does anyone want my cross-stitch thread??

Sing4joy said...

Mel....NO! You stop that!!

Jenster said...

Well... I can't help but think what pretty pictures all that floss makes. Not much help to you, am I??

Vindiciti said...

I feel your pain, sister!
What can I say besides...
'I'm praying for you.'
'Red phone, red phone, red phone!'
'We can always trade off sorting through each other's stuff!'

Haha, kidding. I know you're going through what I'm trying to ignore for the moment, that we have to do it (with encouragement) on our OWN so we can learn the lesson he has provided so we can glorify him with our beautifully clean, organized and CLUTTER FREE homes. After all, if Jesus came back now, wouldn't you be horrified when people saw your home and realized that you were a Christian? I doubt Jesus' room was cluttered with hammers.
Ok, time for me to choke down my own advice and go clean MY 'floss'...which is really my not-even-two year old daughter's toys. And my about-to-be 5 year old son's toys. And my turning-10-years-old-this-month son's toys. And my just-turned-11-years-old-boy-am-I-old-or-what?! son's toys.
Not going near my shoes though.
No way.

Gretchen said...

I like the new face of your blog, S4J.

I, too, am a craft hoarder. I'm trying to get rid of the stuff that I don't love and know I won't use in the n.e.a.r. future, but the decisions are hard, I agree. How silly to be bound by things of this nature, though, really. Thanks for such an encouraging post. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

bcolmer said...

I'm proud of you!!! BTW, i like your new color scheme - much easier to read!!