Sunday, August 17, 2008

17 August 1991

17 years ago today, I was standing a few feet from my very best friend, being attacked by bees, as she said her vows. She wrote the BEST series ever that culminates today. You can read it here.
Happiest Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. HisGirl!


Gretchen said...

Such an honor for you both to be celebrating God this day. Great memories with your BFF. Isn't it great that you and HG are still so close?

Jenster said...

Loved the series! How fun that you were such a big part of it! :o)

His Girl said...

you totally just made me cry.

what an honor it is to have shared such an incredible part of life with you.... thanks for not holding all this junk against me- you've been a trooper.

IdahoAngie said...

Happy belated anniversary