Thursday, March 18, 2010

Letters From War

Mar 1, 10

Dear Honey,

We're almost done with this separation. This will be my last letter because I'm short on time here, and have only one more envelope.
...I'm really looking forward to getting home to you. When we started our marriage I really did not foresee so much separation. I always knew that the possibility existed, just didn't think much about it back then.
The good news is that I haven't turned crazy on this I should be just about the same person I was when I left.
My mind is wandering now though, so I am going to close this for now.

I love you and will come home to you soon!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vloggin It Up

I think I am going to do one big post about all of our adventures cause I can't seem to organize my thoughts just yet. For now, I direct you to HisGirl's posting of our vlogs.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

Well. Okay. Yeah. Hm.

Let's face it. I am a cold fish. Truth be told, I prefer it that way. Emotions are messy. So, what on earth made me think it would be fun to drive for 6 hours to see my dear friend celebrate wedding nuptials? The same friend who I have walked with since the moment her young husband died and left her with 2 young children 4 years ago. The same friend who I have watched praise the Lord that she did not grieve as those who have no hope. The same friend who I watched as she slowly, with fear and trembling yet beautiful hope, open her heart to the possibility of new love. I couldn't even make it through the rehearsal this afternoon without turning into a mess. I don't like it people. Tomorrow I will watch a man, a good man who's eyes sparkle when he looks at her take her hand and accept the gift of her beautiful heart. I will watch him accept the hands of her children and promise to love them as he loves her. I am feeling absolutely overwhelmed at the intensity of my joy and hope for her and her future. I don't cope well with this level of emotion. It feels like an assault and apparently, I did not behave well as a result. I wonder if I could watch the video of the wedding from my closet with a box of tissues and some chocolate chip cookie dough truffles where no one could see me. And then I could just stay there for like a week while I recover my composure. I think that's reasonable.

Come high noon tomorrow, if you do not see me at the Chapel ~ I will be here. Hiding. My new house for the next 2 nights...

They graciously offer this water bottle right in your room. They claim it will relax and refresh you for only $1.50 but I checked the ingredients list and nowhere did it say "valium" or "medicinal marijuana" so I do not believe the claims.

Ps - Tomorrow I get to post a couple of the Bridal Portraits I took of her. :)

Blessings on your day,

Thursday, March 11, 2010

No Time!

Lordy! Busy day! I have only time to put up some pics from today. I will try to do more as we go, but geesh. I just don't know. Maybe Whimzie or Hisgirl will have a better story about today with more details...

These are what fun look like. What a wonderful day and I have made a stack of memories that will touch my heart and make me smile in the future.

I am blessed to know these women. And look how sweet they are to me....


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

No Good Title.

I have this friend. She loves me. Exactly me. In the world of understanding me, she is only second to God. ALL of me. And loving me. ALL of me. She doesn't ask me to put down who I am, or to stop being who I am or to change who I am (or any parts thereof) because she loves who I am and she loves to be with the me who is who I am. In her love, she joins me in my muck, but never lets me stay there. She points me to the Cross when I look to the flesh. She is that person who would drop her life upon one simple request to come to my side (and has), and she is THAT person that you would WANT to drop their life to come to your side because you know she will make things better for having been there rather than be another person you have to care for and she will never make you feel burdened or guilty for the great sacrifice it takes.

She is on her way here. I will have her full-time for a week. A week of merriment, MIRL's, festivities and a whole lot of being ME.

I heard an interesting theory about Paul the Apostle in Bible study yesterday...the basic point that I took away from it was that Paul was looking for just the right way to describe what he wanted to describe and had to keep trying different words because they didn't quite give the full depth of understanding that he was trying to convey. Hence - his writings are rather wordy.

That is what I will have to say here. There are no good words that can describe to you who HisGirl is to me. There is no good title.


Worship In The Waiting - Music To Wait To; The Playlist

Well, the list seems to keep growing but I wanted to publish it here for your pleasure anyway. I have already experienced a new sense of peace and even fun when waiting to this music. I pray that you will as well!

1. Enough ~ Chris Tomlin
2. Wait ~ Big Daddy Weave
3. In the Waiting ~ FFH
4. So I Will Trust You ~ Sovereign Grace Music
5. Everlasting God ~ Chris Tomlin
6. Psalm 40 ~ Steve Bell
7. Wait ~ Anthony Evans
8. While I Am Waiting ~ John Waller
9. I Waited (Psalm 40) ~ The Maranatha! Singers
10. Waiting Room ~ Shane & Shane
11. The Remedy ~ Ayiesha Woods
12. Waiting Room ~ Jonny Diaz
13. Unwritten (from "The Sing-off") ~ Voices of Lee
14. Wait (Psalm 40) ~ The Message: Psalms
15. Be Still ~ Kari Jobe
16. Fight ~ Ayiesha Woods
17. Dear Friend ~ Charlie Peacock
18. Psalm 40 ~ NewSong
19. So Good To Me ~ Cory Asbury
20. Glory ~ Selah & Nichole Nordeman

*A prize is being delivered to me tomorrow* More on that later...

Blessings on your day,


Friday, March 5, 2010

Evicted With Extreme Prejudice

The kids have been sick. It's been like slow-motion dominoes around here. One gets sick, I disinfect like crazy, a few days later the next one gets sick - rinse and repeat. With sick child number three the nurse told me to be sure to throw her toothbrush away once she has been on the antibiotics for 3 days. WHAT? HUH?
#1 - I can't BELIEVE I did not think of their toothbrushes sitting all together bumping each other and all rubbing on one tube of toothpaste.
#2 - I REALLY can't believe that none of the health officials dealing with us until now thought to mention this little tidbit about avoiding a recurrence of extremely contagious and raunchy strep throat!

Behold the streptobrothel...

A hotbed of communicable disease. This tenant has now been evicted from our property with extreme prejudice!

Meet the new tenants...

blessings on your day,