Friday, March 5, 2010

Evicted With Extreme Prejudice

The kids have been sick. It's been like slow-motion dominoes around here. One gets sick, I disinfect like crazy, a few days later the next one gets sick - rinse and repeat. With sick child number three the nurse told me to be sure to throw her toothbrush away once she has been on the antibiotics for 3 days. WHAT? HUH?
#1 - I can't BELIEVE I did not think of their toothbrushes sitting all together bumping each other and all rubbing on one tube of toothpaste.
#2 - I REALLY can't believe that none of the health officials dealing with us until now thought to mention this little tidbit about avoiding a recurrence of extremely contagious and raunchy strep throat!

Behold the streptobrothel...

A hotbed of communicable disease. This tenant has now been evicted from our property with extreme prejudice!

Meet the new tenants...

blessings on your day,


His Girl said...

great pics! glad they've been evicted!

*word verification= vulgr as in strep is vulgr

Becky said...

Good call, Mom! I'm going to go do the exact same thing, as Jericho just got over his bout with the same thing. While the brushes are always kept apart, they've been sharing the same tube of toothpaste. Doh!!

Vindiciti said...

Disgusting yet brilliant!

-word verification=forgu, as in, we will now forgu the community toothpaste as well!

lisasmith said...

what a novel idea.......i could be rich from all the dr visits i've paid for....sheesh!