Sunday, February 14, 2010

Me And GGG Vlog - Jesus Lord Of Heaven



mel said...

I heart this very much.
Miss y'all!! Great job!!

(Word Verification is qualit. As in, quality, S4J and GGG!!)

MyShilohRanch said...

awwww...that was BEAUTIFUL! Thank you both ... I should say all "5" of you ... the Father, Son and Holy Spirit were SO in that too! I heart you all! *tears* Moomis

Becky said...

That was beautiful, ladies. All for His glory!

Vindiciti said...

LOVE it!! Miss you guys. Ugh. Once again, no tissue warning. Thanks. I really needed this today.

P.S. You both look awesome! My friends are shrinking!

(Word Verification = shormaco. As in, S4J and GGG shormaco awesome pair!)

Gretchen said...

Gorgeous. What a great duo.

His Girl said...

did I never comment on this?

I love this more than words can express.

I can't wait to see you both in person! just DAYS now!!!

God's Guitar Girl said...

It's moments like this that steal my breath. If the good Lord is taking requests, I hope He lets us jam like this in His presence. :)