Wednesday, March 10, 2010

No Good Title.

I have this friend. She loves me. Exactly me. In the world of understanding me, she is only second to God. ALL of me. And loving me. ALL of me. She doesn't ask me to put down who I am, or to stop being who I am or to change who I am (or any parts thereof) because she loves who I am and she loves to be with the me who is who I am. In her love, she joins me in my muck, but never lets me stay there. She points me to the Cross when I look to the flesh. She is that person who would drop her life upon one simple request to come to my side (and has), and she is THAT person that you would WANT to drop their life to come to your side because you know she will make things better for having been there rather than be another person you have to care for and she will never make you feel burdened or guilty for the great sacrifice it takes.

She is on her way here. I will have her full-time for a week. A week of merriment, MIRL's, festivities and a whole lot of being ME.

I heard an interesting theory about Paul the Apostle in Bible study yesterday...the basic point that I took away from it was that Paul was looking for just the right way to describe what he wanted to describe and had to keep trying different words because they didn't quite give the full depth of understanding that he was trying to convey. Hence - his writings are rather wordy.

That is what I will have to say here. There are no good words that can describe to you who HisGirl is to me. There is no good title.



His Girl said...

dude. you just made me cry right here at DFW.

partly because I'm delayed for 8 hours.

and partly because I feel the same way.

If I die of waiting, at least people will know why.... you're the best, amiga.

and you're right. there are no words

Gretchen said...

Lurve to you both!Have a BLAST!

lisasmith said...

and I get to meet you both =) =) =)

delays schmelays...I have a great list of waiting songs on my iPod ;) praying it passes sooooo quickly
treat yourself to a starbucks skinny vanilla latte, a couple really great people mags and take a tiny nap because sleeping is sure to be minimal on girlfriendapalooza!!!!!


Vindiciti said...

Ugh, Judi! Learn to disclaimer stuff. Geez. You made me tear up thinking of my 'His Girl'...and because I won't get to meet yours. Love ya! Have fun and can't wait to read stories and see photos!

MyShilohRanch said...

Awwwww *sniffle* ..... I gained at least 2 pounds just reading this!!! Watching you both, your families AND your friendship grow in Christ is such a blessing!!

Have a GREAT time with each other, your MIRL's and ALL your doin's ...! I love you both XO XO

Pendulum said...

I sure do miss you!

Becky said...

I think a good title would be "A David and Jonathan type of friendship". These types of friendships are a rare and beautiful thing.

Have fun!