Friday, August 29, 2008

Mammogram Results - More Information

So, I picked up a hard copy of the results today to carry in to my appointment next week. Really interesting reading. Funny even....
*TMI Warning*


This is the patient's initial visit. She gives no history of familial breast cancer or other significant risk factors. We have performed CC and MLO views using the Logic Digital System. CAD was utilized. CC and MLO views have been obtained. The breasts are normal to small in size with normal skin and erect nipples. Several cutaneous moles are marked with radiopaque markers. A small axillary lymphadenopathy is noted. Breast parenchyma has a normal appearance. We see an 11mm slightly lobulated ovoid opacity which is better visualized using magnification but does appear to be a true abnormality. Using the features available on the Logic workstation, acuity was increased in the ML view and the mass can actually be measured at 16mm in that view. It also is much better seen and appears to be well circumscribed. There is a vague fibroadenoma but other possibilities exist. Further evaluation by ultrasound is needed. No other abnormalities are identified.

*laughing where indicated by Italics*


Wendy said...

umm: The breasts are normal to small in size!?! do they have to KICK you while you're down??? sheesh!

still praying sis!

Jenster said...

I'm surprised my mammograms haven't said "Patient doesn't have much in the way of breasts, however she has a significant amount of extra back the technician was able to pull around and nearly pinch off."

This is looking pretty good, dear. I'm much less anxious about it than I was yesterday. Still, it's so important to get it completely checked out.

Gretchen said...

Personally, I think having "normal to small" breasts is a compliment!

Praying--for your wait time, too. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.


Susie Q said...

You are such a wonderful kinda woman! Humor is the ONLY way to deal with things isn't it?

You are in my prayers.


Jenn said...

I so enjoy you! My great grandmother always said big boobs are a waste of time because as you age they just sage and make you hot. (Hee,Hee)

Let us know about your next appointment. I praying for you. Try to enjoy your Labor day with your family.


PJ said...

Love the sense of humor!!! So they pinch you six ways to Sunday and expect the nipples to just lay there and take it????

Truthfully, this report sounds very positive!! The are several "no"s which are really good. 16mm is excellent too. (Mine was 2-1/2 cm) Just by way of comparison. Still praying!! Prayer and laughter. The greatest kind of medicine!!!

His Girl said...

if YOU, ma'am are normal to small, mine can only be called 'miniscule'

i'm prayin' for you, amiga!

MyShilohRanch said...

Agreeing with everyone;and relating especially to Jenster (LOL!) and HisGirl!!! Good grief! Also thinkin' your visit with Ray did much more good than you know and the enemy is TICKED, so he jumped right in to mess with you!!! This could be a GOOD sign!

It blesses me that the Lord has surrounded you with such wonderful family and friends!

I am agreeing with everyone in prayer for you!

I love you Missy, from YourMoomis2

IdahoAngie said...

Your still in our prayers!

God's Guitar Girl said...

"Erect nipples..."

That rox! ;)