Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nope. I Wasn't Kidding About The Game

Well ~ I can't get there from here! So, I have to hit the road....

Proof of mammogram(Notice that they think I am RADX2!!)

1pm CDT/11am PDT
I am starting late because the 'girls' went over-time with their 'outing'

3pm CDT/1pm PDT
FINALLY picked up my sleeping pill rx and can now be on my way

5pm CDt/3pm PDT
Had to stop for a potty break. Got some gum. Ate some. Saw this church...

7pm CDT/5pm PDT
Had another piece of gum
Took the cloud pic for Jenster...

This is supposed to be my 9pm CDT/7pm PDT pic, but - a huge debacle ensued and this is more like my 11pmCentral pic.

You can follow this link for more clues! I'll be putting more clues here tomorrow!


Gretchen said...

Could you be going to a conference in San Antonio by chance? Hmm...I'm thinking...

Can I have some gum?

His Girl said...

I think you're RAD x2 also.

hey- it's 3 am. you think there's any chance going back to bed for 5 hours will work?

Jenn said...

I am behind again on your blog (sorry) but I love the new colors and the blogheader that A made for your birthday.

Can't wait to see where you and A are. I will come back and catch up on your blog soon!

Have a wonderful trip! :o)

PS- What kind of gum is that???

PJ said...

What a fun game!! Hope you have a great time when you get there!!!

Jenster said...

Unruly girls!!

Beautiful cloud picture!! I'm all smiley 'cause you thought of me!!

Love the church photo, too.