Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Big Tease And A Mammogram

"...As for driving to PA, it's a gorgeous drive! Be sure to have your camera handy. Of course, I love me a good road trip and what better than with a good friend? Sounds like fun to me. Maybe I'll fly down there and drive back with you...."

For just one moment of bliss this scene flashed in my mind: Me, GGG and Jenster. In GGG's new Jeep with my tricked out trailer following behind with as much luggage as we care to have, snacks everywhere. GGG looking into the back seat when it is her turn for shotgun and choosing whether to play her violin, guitar or the coveted shaker. Starbucks plotted by AAA all along the triptick. Laughing, photographing, crying, singing, bonding and driving. Much driving. And then I read on...

"...Just kidding, though there's a part of me that sort of considered it for even a minute."

Big Tease.

And speaking of Jenster, but not really. But sort of.

Be on notice that I have scheduled my mammogram for 20 August 2015. Just kidding. 2088. Okay, kidding. 2008 ~ it's 2008. And in honor of Jenster and GeorgiaGirl who I adore and have been personally touched by breast cancer, I would like to challenge you ALL ~GRETCHEN~ to schedule your mammogram for August 20th and we can go together. You know, the buddy system. Except not really. Cause we live all over the world. In case you didn't know that although you are reading this from your living room, I did not type it there.

Most likely I will be telling you all about my experience and how it was so much fun that I had already scheduled the next one. Now get on the phone. Go!


His Girl said...

ugh. august 20th?


mel said...

Thanks for this.
Then you all get to wear a sticker that says "I'VE BEEN SQUISHED!"
Kinda like you just voted.

Jenster said...

Starbucks plotted by AAA all along the triptick

No need, my friend! I know all the convenient Starbucks between Memphis and Philadelphia!

I love your vision. Really, really love it.

Good for you for taking your squishing like a woman! And thanks for the shout out!

Becky said...

The trip sounds FABBO! Jenster knows the way...and if one got sick of Starbies...there's always Sonic, lol. Or perhaps a fluffernutter sandwich...

This was a delightfully humorous post.

Except for the part about the MammoCRAM.

I know, I know, you gotta give the girls a squeeze every now and again...but I look forward to that like I look forward to paps and wisdom tooth extractions.

Jenster said...

Oh yes, Becky! I know where all the Sonics are along the way, too!!!

Gretchen said...

Okay...Aug 20th it is. I'll really try to get that date. Regardless, I'll definitely post about the squeeze.

I have a t-shirt for my 3 Day Breast Cancer walk, and it says, "Save These" and our team name across the front. Maybe I should add my squish date to the back. ;)

God's Guitar Girl said...

I am too young and perky to be included in such old-lady activities. Tell me how that mammogrammy works out for you. :)