Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Bastille Day

Also, it is my birthday and LOOK, just LOOK at the wonderful presents I have already been given....

S4J and HisGirl(taken just this morning)

(I'm whichever one you think is cutest)

And also, I got THIS....

I only had to whine like a cranky teething baby for six months hop on over to HisGirl's Blog to find it. I LOVE this button! Do you SEE the guitar in the background? Do you SEE it?? HA.

I am happy and not ashamed even a little bit to report to you all that I am 36 years old today. Although being 36 has not seemed to bother me for the last 4 hours that I have been it, the realization that I am now in a different age group for registering for things and medical checkups and such - now THAT seems to be giving me a twinge. Possibly because they are now grouping me with 50 year-olds instead of 20 year-olds?

I am taking the twins bowling today and meeting hubby and some friends for lunch. I have to go. My face needs a bit more cosmetic attention than it did yesterday. Whatever.


His Girl said...

reasons I love you:
*"taken just this morning!!!"
*appropriate amount of gushing
*"the last 4 hours I have been it."


Happy Birthday Party, friend! You know I think you are IT!

Wendy said...

"whine like a cranky teething baby for six months"...that is the funniest line EVER!!! i fell over! are awesome sis!

have an incredible birthday! celebrate and enjoy...i love you and will be thinking of you today!


bcolmer said...

Happy Birthday from Chica B!! "Taken just this morning" Hahaha!! that made me laugh too!!

As I said on Amber's blog - you guys were hotties!!! Still are!

AND - I will have you know that I DID see the guitar in the background - right away. I'm not really sure why you guys call it a button tho - cause when you click it - nothing happens.....but that does not make it any less special or cool!!!

Hey - I sent you a package - unrealted to your bday - but pretend it is, k?

I love you!!


Oh - PS. Did Charlie clean up the cake mess?

Jenn said...

Singing "Happy Birthday dear S4J, Happy Birthday to you!" I told A. I would bring the party foods to your party! Since it is a virtual party all the foods are calorie and fat free! :o)

You both look so beautiful in that pic!!

I will join y'all in four months at reaching the over 35 mark. It is how you feel and not the number right? Try on 36 and let me know how it fits.

Have a wonderful day!

Sheryl said...

36?? I WAS coming over here from Amber's to with you a Happy Birthday but now I'm so distraught about how young you are I think I'll just keep the birthday wishes to myself. Amber suggested maybe giving you a verse as your present, so here you go...

Ecc 11:10 - So then, banish anxiety from your heart and cast off the troubles of your body, FOR YOUTH AND VIGOR ARE MEANINGLESS!!

Ok, ok.....Happy Birthday!


Becoming Me said...

Happy Birthday to you!

Barbling said...

Hope your day was a blast!! It sure looks like it was!!!
Happy Birthday!!!
Be Blessed!!!

Becky said...

I came across this one today and thought of you..."But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love Your name may rejoice in You. Psalm 5:11

Happy Birthday!

mommy to four j's said...

Happy birthday char

mel said...

Happy Birthday to you!! Loved seeing the pics, stories and your new button!

Blogging from the beaches of Florida....will check in again later....

Jenster said...


After looking at that picture I don't think I can meet you both in October. Because you're so young and I'm so NOT!

36 was a great year. I loved my 30s! All of it. Well, except for the second half of 39, but that's a whole other story that you already know. But I can tell you ROCK your 30's.

BTW - My MIL and my twin neice and nephew's birthdays are all 7/14! What a great day!!!