Friday, July 11, 2008

Getting Back On Track

We completed all the tasks on our list yesterday! And then some! As I mentioned before, we spent the holiday weekend at our future homestead. Here is a picture of what my future looks like.....

Today's Tasks:

Make beds (each their own)
Check the guest bathroom (12 year-old son)
Clean the Master bathroom
Change kitchen towel
Clean kitchen sink
Check house plants and water
Clean garbage disposal
Clean ionic breeze
Pick up dog poop(12 year-old daughter)
Mow dog yard(12 year-old son)
Bring up trash cans (12 year-old son)
Set table for dinner(12 year-old daughter)
Make dinner
Clear table from dinner(Dad)
Wipe table and chairs
Take out kitchen trash(12 year-old son)


mel said...

dontcha just love having a son to do that stuff??

my sister and i have no brothers -- so guess who did that son-stuff? the girls!

now i have four boys.....hahaha

MyShilohRanch said...

Good grief, girlfriend, you have a definite GIFT for organization! Wish I had had an example like you when I raised MY fam! No kidding. Good job!!!!

Your future looks BEAUTIFUL! You guys are obviously planning to build? When? What a wonderful spot!

His Girl said...

want to come over and sip tea with you today.

Jenn said...

I loved the picture of your future. What a gorgeous piece of land.

God's Guitar Girl said...

I'm envisioning Chicas '20...?!?

Jenster said...

Beautiful piece of land!