Saturday, July 5, 2008

I've Got The Uh-Oh's

So folks - we are out of town visiting the in-laws (and our future homestead) which has really doused my Internet access quite a bit. The uh-oh of it is that my laptop seems to have crashed. I can't know if it's really gone until I get home.
My gracious and giving husband is allowing me to use his laptop here and there - just to keep my blood circulating, but it doesn't have all my bookmarks and files and the like so I am doing minimal stuff.
On the bright side, I have been working on how to organize my crafting area to go back into the newly renovated music/catch-all room with the help of my Father-in-law and Hobby Lobby. You West-coasters may not know what this is, but it is like a Michael's on steroids with really good sales, Christian music and closed on Sundays.
I pray that you all had a beautiful Independence day filled with the thankfulness of living in a free nation!
Is anyone else astounded at the fact that it is July of 2008?? My birthday is coming up. (That was totally random, but I am going to leave it 'cause that's just me)


Gretchen said...

And how old are we going to be? Or are you one of the vain ones...At any rate, we have 2 July b'days in my house, so we're all in good company.

Sorry about your laptop. Hope it gets well soon.

His Girl said...

I am so excited to see your new purchases in your home! so so so cool!

also, I am so glad you brought up your birthday... i hate forgetting!

IdahoAngie said...

I miss hobby lobby. I spent a lot of time where when we lived in Chicago. That is about the only thing I miss about Illinois (sorry to any of you who live there I feel sorry for you.. really I do)

We have craft warehouse here (have a good selection of what they have but not that big of a place) and Micheals (their kinda expensive though)

Happy Early Birthday! The hubby and I will be celebrating our 10th Wedding anniversary with the renewing of our vows this month. So I have been spending lots of time at the craft stores making decorations. Yes I do my own decorating for events because no one does it the way I want. And I your cousin am very particular about what I want in the decoration department.

Can't wait to see more pictures of your home. Hope you are having a great time and had a great 4th of July. We had your brother over and had some fun. He is doing pretty good!

Well Gotta run! Need more ink for my printer I ran out!

God bless,

Jenster said...

Hobby Lobby... *sigh* They only have stores within a 1,000 miles radius of their headquarters in Oklahoma. Philadelphia is nearly 1,400 miles from Oklahoma City.

Does that seem criminal to anyone but me?

We have Michael's and A.C. Moore - neither of which can begin to compare with Hobby Lobby.

Now I'm blue...

Jenn said...

Sorry to hear about your lap top!

I am with you this year is going by way to fast! I would like to know (like Gretchen) which birthday you are having? When is your special day?