Monday, July 14, 2008

On This Day In History July 14th

This Day in History
2008: Some hater called me to "wish me a happy birthday" and just "happened" to mention that she was on her way to go visit Gretchen!(Who wished David a happy Birthday on the same day as mine!!)
1099: In the First Crusade, a force of European Christians conquers the walled city of Jerusalem, massacring thousands of its inhabitants.
1789: In the pivotal event of the French Revolution, a Paris mob storms and captures the Bastille, a royal prison fortress that is a symbol of the ancient regime.
1881: In Fort Sumner, New Mexico, Sheriff Pat Garrett shoots and kills the outlaw William H. Bonney, also known as Billy the Kid, who escaped from his jail three months before.
1933: The German government, having given Adolf Hitler dictatorial powers, outlaws all political parties except the National Socialist, or Nazi, party.
1958: A coup in Iraq led by General 'Abd al-Karim Kassem overthrows the country's monarchy, kills King Faisal II, and declares Iraq a republic.
1965: U.S. space probe Mariner 4 flies by Mars. On its mission the probe relays the first photographs from Mars back to Earth, which reveal the planet's cratered surface.

Born On This Day
1966 Matthew Fox (actor)
1952 Jerry Houser (actor)
1941 Maulana Karenga (originated kwanzaa)
1933 Del (Franklin Delano) Reeves (singer)
1932 Rosey (Roosevelt) Grier (football, actor)
1930 Polly Bergen (Nellie Burgin) (actress)
1928 Nancy Olson (actress)
1927 John Chancellor (radio/TV newscaster)
1926 Harry Dean Stanton (actor)
1923 Dale Robertson (actor)
1918 Arthur Laurents (playwright)
1918 Ingmar Bergman (director)
1917 Douglas Edwards (TV's 1st evening news anchor, TV panel moderator, host)
1913 Gerald R Ford (Leslie King, Jr) (38th US President)

Your Astrological Sign
Cancerians are nurturing, emotional, sensitive, conservative, and home-loving, much more aware of how they feel than what they think. They are artistic, have vivid imaginations, and have highly developed memories(BWAH!!).


Barbling said...

Loved the.... on this day in history!!
Hope your day was a blast!!!
Happy Birthday!!

God's Guitar Girl said...

When I think of your birthday, I know I always think of probes... :)

Hope you get a special gift from the Dirty Pig for your birthday!!

Fran said...

Hope you had a great birthday!
Came over from His Girl. :)

Jenn said...

I love history so that was fun to read.

Alana said...

Happy Birthday...a little late.

Leaving this verse with you. It's my favorite right now.

"Be brave. Be strong. Don't give up. Expect God to get here soon."

Psalm 31:24

The Message

Gretchen said...

Actually, I was a loser mom--David's b'day was the 13th, but I didn't post till the day after. Had to wait for an opening on the shared computer (harumph!).

Sorry to say, I did have fun with the hater. :)

mel said...

always awesome junk over at s4j's place. thanks for the smiles!