Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cow's It Going?

Visited the neighbors at dusk. It's so mooving to see God's creatures up close.

Today I spent the day shopping around with a new friend so today's tasks were slightly neglected. All told, well worth it. I received the new hard drive for the laptop and it freaked out too. Dell is sending out another one. Waiting so, so, so patiently.

We completed all of yesterday's tasks, with the exception of cleaning the sink and the mirrors in the master bathroom. No biggie - I'll get to it.

Clean guest bathroom (12 year-old daughter)
Make beds (each his own)
Wash and vacuum van (up for grabs)
Sweep floors (12 year-old daughter)
Update checkbook
Water front garden
Water mailbox
Wash and vacuum neon (up for grabs)
Sweep back patio (up for grabs)
Mow front & back yards (Dad)
Bathe dogs (Up for grabs)
Set table (Dad)
Make dinner
Clear table
Wipe table and chairs
Take out kitchen trash


His Girl said...

Cow's it going? HAHAHAHA! Cow's it going???? hahahahaha

so sad about your harddrive. stinkrotten.

i miss you.

Jenn said...

Glad you are getting a new hard drive. Hope you have the replacement soon.

How fun to go shopping with a new friend. Sounds like a nice day.