Thursday, November 1, 2012

Generation to Generation

It is that time, once again, for P.W.O.C International Conference. An incredible time of worship, study, fellowship, growth and squeals from every direction. I will not be in attendance this year and, of course, I am sad about that but it doesn't mean that I cannot go before God in prayer and thanksgiving for this wonderful conference and the life-changing transformations that happen there.

A lot goes in to making these conferences happen. Women work tirelessly (these take about 2 years to plan), dedicating their gifts and talents to the glory of God. From the prayer warriors, to the local conference team leaders, to the workshop leaders, to the International Board.

Today, as I begin my prayer journey and women from all over the world begin or continue to travel to Nashville, Tennessee ~ we will start with J. Moss. Why? Because we must praise.


Blessings on your day, and your journey my friends

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