Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Word Of The Day Wednesday

soporose (SOP-uh-ros) adjective
Sleepy; in an unusually deep sleep.
diurnation (dy-uhr-NAY-shuhn) noun
The habit of sleeping or being dormant during the day.
somniloquy (som-NIL-uh-kwee) noun
The act or habit of talking while asleep.

You will often find me in a state of soporose, diurnation or somniloquy; sometimes all at the same time. Except last night. Last night was a flash back to the days of having young babies in the house. Except these were dogs. Big dogs. Annoying dogs. with toenails. that click. on the wood floor.


mel said...

You know that I like multiple-post days! Some days there is just too much to share and too much to sing about to wait another day!

His Girl said...

I wish i was doing any one of your words of the day...

but apparently i have 8 posts to read before I can do this.


Jenn said...

"with toenails. that click. on the wood floor."

That was humorous to me b/c I could see and hear the sound.

Maybe it was funny because I am ready to be in a soporose state. And I will be - once I get caught up on your blog. ;o)

T said...

I LOVE words of the day. Wow... we must have been separated at birth.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I have been begging my husband for a dog for months.... and this morning read your blog and was reminded why I might want to think about that one more time.