Monday, February 11, 2008

The Wazzzzup??? Update

Grey Poopon:
Grey Poopon is still here. Today my 12 year old daughter and I built him a doghouse because it is going to rain tonight and he cannot come in the house (cause we are not into furniture decorated by urine) (well, at least not since we've been done potty-training) but he has separation anxiety when we board him in the barn.

We have ads in both local papers and fliers up around town. And he has been posted in the front yard since the morning after we found out he was a urinetrailleavingsuperherodog just in case his people happen to drive by looking for him. No one has called for him, no one has come by. After the ads run their course (7 days from Friday) I will make new ads advertising for a free dog to whoever wants him. His wound is healing and he has nearly finished his course of antibiotics. He loves us and wants to stay. No he may not.

Dumb financial situation: It seems we are dealing with two institutions here. 1.)My bank 2.)The agency they employ to investigate fraud.

This morning I faxed the affidavit with the very much appreciated help of Hubby's work to #2. On the cover I asked to be notified when the affidavit was received. I also called directly following the fax and left a message to be contacted when the fax was received. I then called this afternoon after not having been contacted and spoke with my personal representative who explained to me that when they did not receive the affidavit back, they closed out the case and returned it to #1. Who having no other recourse to recover the money, recovered it from me. Through much discussion and question asking on my part, I came to understand that I am still within the allotted time window that #2 has to investigate the case and that they will notify #1 as soon as the affidavit is entered into the system. Then it is #1's prerogative if they give me money back or not. I can call #2 back tomorrow to verify if the affidavit has been entered and if they have notified #1, so then I can call #1 and beg for sweet mercy and $1300.

My Ankle: I have long since ditched the crutches and the brace. It is still swelling up every night and tender all the live-long day. Not enough to stop me walking. Just enough to be a reminder to me to watch where I am going. The bruising is all gone.


His Girl said...

I am sorry you still have poophead. but I am a little glad cause i really love your stories about him.

the dumb bank situation is dumb. i can't wait to see how God uses it for His glory, and how you get your money back.

I'm ready to hear that your ankle is in perfect condition. you may heal completely now. thank you.

Jenn said...

Building a dog hotel - you were busy yesterday. I am sorry his people have not claimed him yet but I am glad he is enjoying his visit with y'all.

I am sorry that the bank situation was not a quick fix. Still praying.

Marsha said...

I think it will be a sad day for all when G.P. leaves your home.

Hopefully your bank situation will be cleared up this week.