Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Grey Poopon Update

I walked over to chat the neighbor up, which is sort of an understatement because any time I come within 20 feet of their yard, their pack of hunting dogs freak out and bark continuously until I am out of their sight or off of their property. We chatted over the din for a while about the 15 year old driving, and the starting up of each vehicle to keep it running, and how the 15 year old replaced the battery in the Neon, and how the guy neighbor was doing after his surgery and how the crazy stray dog flies and such and such and this and that and then she told me that she had checked the paper and that there were no ads regarding Grey Poopon. Darn. I told her that the 15 year old had made fliers and that I dropped one off at the vet's office on my way home from rehearsal and they suggested putting one up at the post office. Excellent! I'll do that tomorrow! Then it's back to my life across the road. I went and checked on Grey Poopon who now loves me so much that he rolls over onto his back and bares his tummy for me to rub it for him. geesh.

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