Thursday, June 25, 2009

For Real?

I have just as much going on as ever. I noticed this moment however, that I am just not sitting down to write about it. (Also not sitting down to do much reading.) I really enjoy the medium of blogging for relieving my brain of my thoughts, and also to keep people up to date on what's going on with our world. So - it seems that sometimes I just need to be more intentional about it. Which is the case with a lot of things in my life. I'm certain I am not the only one. There are only 24 hours in a day - you can't change that so you have to choose how you would like to use them. Anyway.... maybe I'll write more about that later. Right now, I wanted to tell you about this cow....

We are continuing the renovations in our home (no I have not forgotten to give the final reveal of the master - I am just still working on making it swanky) and the current major work has been taking our 13 year old daughter's room down to the studs, reconfiguring, rewiring and rebuilding to beauty and ever so cute teenager domicileness. My daughter is a saver of things. Like; everything. Empty rolls from papertowels. Shoe boxes. Things, things and more things. No clue where she gets that from. "PURGE IT" is what I always say.


The rule is that nothing is going back into that room if it does not have a place to be. I mean NOTHING. And there were a few things that went straight into a box labeled, "Not even if it has a place!" The cow was one of those items. It's atrocious. It is a bank. And as you can notice, the giant hole next to the giant purple udders is missing its plug. Therefore it can't even be functional. It's just a blight on my view.

My daughter noticed the cow in the, "No way on God's green earth" box and promptly proceeded to make a case for it. Really? For real? I tried to talk with her about how really and truly ugly it is. Unphased. How she couldn't possibly care for it as much as she thinks because she didn't use it for anything. Unphased. How the fact that it has 2 inches of dust on it tells me that she really doesn't love it at all (yes those are dust streaks from the cow on the table). Unphased. She is certain that this cow must remain in her room. She has promised that she WILL give it a prominent place of display and she WILL keep it clean.

What's a mom to do? The cow stays. However, the girl has been informed that the first time I swipe dust off it, it goes straight to the trash. Not.even.a.yardsale.

God help her future husband.


IdahoAngie said...

Bout to get you to throw something at me here LOL!

Umm....I like the cow....but I like abstract art.. I have rocks on display that we found out rock hounding.. agates (huge agates)....petrified wood....geods...etc. so....yea....*ducks* You can mail me the cow if she falls back on her keeping it dust free promise hehe! I'll even pay for you to mail it. Seriously!

Red Lipstick Princess said...

Just for the record, I like the cow. Not sure which room of my house it would fit into but I think it's pretty dang cool. Now, that said, I'm praying that she finds a husband nothing like mine. I married a hoarder. He's got his skis, yes skis for sliding down snowy mountainsides, here in Louisiana. And he had them in Alabama. When was the last time he used them? Our honeymoon! We've been married 9 years. But the skis come with us every move. To his credit he did get rid of many items here. One of them was something I recently needed. Go figure.

MyShilohRanch said...

IA and RLP beat me to it...sorry S4J, I like the cow too! In fact I have a bull to match it ... actually, the colors would clash - he's red, white, and blue.

Admission, I have a huge collection of rocks too, LOL. They are now a rock "garden" out front. HG's twins help me collect them too!

Lovers-of-odd-things just appreciate the unique beauty (or wonderful absurdity) that others often fail to notice. I think God must view many of us that same way! He is SUCH a God of details and I am SURE He has the BEST sense of humor! He made us! :)

But kudos to you, kiddo. Everything IS beautiful in its own time ... and PLACE!

I love you S4J! :)

Jennifer said...

Is that the cow that I got in that Bad Santa game a few years ago and was thoroughly horrified??? If so, why on earth is it still in existence??? PURGE IT!!!

Sing4joy said...

Oh dear. Thank you all for reminding me that God has made us all different and has intentionally made my girl to "love odd things" (thanks moomis). Jen - YES that is said cow. thankyouverymuch.

Gretchen said...

Me likey the cow.

Owning my oddness. :)

Happy Fourth of July! Can't wait to see the big reveal.

Jenster said...

I'm feeling ya on the no time, thingy.

The cow has an absurd beauty to it. And I'm just glad you're not MY mom! (But really glad you're my friend!!!)

His Girl said...

did I really never comment on this?

Hate the cow. How about that?