Monday, July 13, 2009

Whoa Nelly! (I found it!)

Hey! I found the post I had written about where I've been. It was saved as a draft in my photography page. I think maybe the other one was better.......

I have 1900 unread posts in my bloglines! Mercy Sakes! I always think that I am going to have all this time during the Summer months because all the activities go on break. This is NEVER so! There is always something to fill my time. At the end of may we drove up to see our oldest daughter graduate and meet our grandson. We left the second oldest there for the Summer. Then we drove back down and dropped the twins off with their grandparents. My friend and I JUST drove up yesterday and returned with them today.

"But S4J - WHAT have you been doing with ALL that time and no one to take care of but yourself??"

We continue in home destruction construction. We completed gutted the 13 year old girl's room; re-wired, hung new drywall, remade the closet, painted the walls and ceiling, and my husband just today finished installing the flooring. When are finished, I will post pics. And maybe, someday, if our room gets all the details completed, I'll post pics of that.

My photography business has taken off and is keeping me happily busy capturing people's moments.

Also, I am the Matron of Honor in a friend's wedding which will take place on Saturday, but has had lots of details and running to see to. I also will be singing a love song with another of the bridesmaids. Should be a lovely day.

So just a quick update and I am off to edit photos and get to reading! (a little at a time)



IdahoAngie said...

Sounds like me. I was looking forward to 8 weeks off from school so I could relax...nope. The world got dumped on my shoulders it feels like. I think I am busier now then I was before my break started and I was so busy then that I was close to loosing it. And now I have people mad at me because I told them I am not doing any more anything for anyone else because I am busy enough! Wish I could have helped with the renovations I love doing that kind of stuff.

Gretchen said...

Happy B'day, sweet S4J!


Sounds like you are quite talented and busy. We have to save a long, long time to do things that you and your hubby can do all by yourselves. You rock. Hope your day is awesome. xxxooogretchen

Jenster said...

Busy, busy!! I'm betting you're gorgeous today in your matron-of-honor attire and I wish I could hear you singing.