Monday, August 23, 2010

A Poll And A Pic *updated for clarification*

Well, we've sold our house. We've moved all our contents to storage. We've begun the process of building our new "estate". We've permanently moved part of our family to Texas while the rest continue to travel back and forth between Texas and Louisiana (Except for our darling oldest daughter who has settled ~at least for now~ in another state). So, the first order of business....*(Here comes the poll)*
Does North Central Texas still count as the South? Cause if not, I have to rename my blog.*(Here ends the poll)*

Okay and here is a picture of the beautiful pages of one of the beautiful new books I bought. (Hopefully more on that later)

Blessings on your day,


His Girl said...


is the poll,
Does North Central Texas still count as the South? ?

'cause sadly, I don't know. It's not south of ME, I don't think. Is that helpful?

also, your blog is pretty. that is all.

Vindiciti said...

The blog is gorgeous! Awesome that you posted. Beautiful photo. Oh, and FYI, yes, it is the south. Texas = south. Any state with a twang is DEFINITELY the south, and Texas is full of twang.

CableMonkey said...

Close enough.

TN is considered the South and they are North of TX

God's Guitar Girl said...

Speaking as a native Texan, this is a controversial topic. Most people will give Texas "honorary" southern status, while being careful to point out that it's not the "deep south". Many others say that Texas isn't truly southern because of its lack of significant contribution to the War Between The States (aka Civil War). Personally, I think Texas is its own category. Look at the varied accents of its people. We could easily be called Northern Mexico (touchy subject these days), Western Louisiana or Arkansas, or the Southern Great Plains. I think Texas just "is", put simply. So it sounds like you'll be doing some Lone Star bloggin' from here on out, pardner. ;)

Jenster said...

The Mason-Dixon line is the state line between Pennsylvania and Maryland which is much farther north than Texas. And while I think of West Texas as part of the desert Southwest, I think of the rest of Texas as being in the South. Not the deep South, but the South nonetheless. So no! Don't change your blog title!

lisasmith said...

All parts of Texas are defo the south!! Don't change a thing.


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