Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hurricakes ~ Gustav Update ~ 02 September 2008

Happy to report we lost power for only about 8 hours last night. Up this morning making wheat pancakes for my family (even some to freeze). Gustav was a great storm for practicing the evacuation and preparedness plans that resulted from the absolutely devastating storms of 2005, Hurricane Katrina AND Hurricane Rita. Rita is the storm that was most devastating to our neck of the woods and seems to often get altogether overlooked for the more highly publicized and deeper public outcry over Katrina. Still, there are homes 3 years after Rita with trees smashed directly through the middle of them and others with tarps where roofs should be. I thank the Lord that most people heeded the evacuation orders this time around and pray that they do not become complacent due to the anticlimactic results of Gustav.

And what is up with news people?? They stand out in the storm in cities that are under mandatory evacuations saying things like, "Whoa! Did you SEE that debris fly by?? That is why you should NOT come out of your homes!!", "We are now in a city (which is under mandatory evacuation) that has no power, water, or sewer. PLEASE do not come back here." I would like to suggest stationing unmanned cameras with remote controls around the areas you want to report from and keep the people safely in shelters where they should be. Somehow seeing a person able to stand in hurricane force winds and talk to me about it, makes me feel less inclined to take it seriously.

I am thankful that the worst complaint I can muster for my Gustav experience is that I still cannot go get McDonald's. Come on Ronald - give a girl a McMuffin!

P.S. - My husband would like me to tell you of his harrowing and most dangerous story of how he was outside doing something manly and heroic when a tree came flying at him and he punched it away with his fist. Saving himself and the little old lady behind him.


Gretchen said...

Your husband: my hero. :)

Glad you're safe, and point well taken about the news media.

Wendy said...

HAHAHAH! Dying at C's heroic tale! *swoon*

So glad you guys are safe! Hope you get your McMuffin soon sis!

Love you!!

His Girl said...

holy cats, c is KILLING ME!

i mean, yay for your home being safe, boo for dumb reporters, and whatever for no mc muffins.

His Girl said...

also? wheat pancakes? IMPRESSIVE!

Jenster said...

Hey! Gretchen stole my line. (The one about your husband being my hero.)

I remember Rita ever bit as much as Katrina. Living in central Arkansas we always got the after effects of your hurricanes - a lot of time with resulting tornados.

So glad you all are okay. Just wish you could have a McMuffin.

IdahoAngie said...

GO HUBBY!!! What a brave man!

Here in this house.....everyone else gets to eat normal food while I am stuck to gluten free. But if you get the right stuff it's actually pretty good. Have recipe for gluten free pancakes. Gonna have to try it some time. I hate cooking stuff just for one person.

Marsha said...

I'm glad you fared well and all are safe and sound and well showered. Nothing worse than no power, no water and dirty hair and smelly body.

MyShilohRanch said...

SO thankful that you were spared the fury of Gustav! Bless the Lord oh my soul!

Those pancakes look so good; I can almost smell them! I have a fantastic recipe you would probably like...will send it to you. ;)

BTW: OK, so you cook ... Do you sew too? Have you made your hubby a super-cape yet? I can see it now ... digital camo with a big C!!! :)

Dan Lacey said...
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Suzanne said...

Glad there were no big complications from Gustav and those pancakes do look yummmmy!

bcolmer said...

So glad to hear you are ok. And that you are making such healthy pancakes!! I am so proud of you!!

I have a great recipe that also adds oats if you ar interested.....

And I totally love the C story too. I can see it in my minds eye. Must have been the pancakes!! or Hurricakes rather!!!

MyShilohRanch said...

Omigosh, I cannot believe that I JUST NOW noticed the "HURRICAKES!"

You, my friend, CRRACK me up!!! The Lord DEFIlNITELY uses you to spread His JOY!!!