Friday, September 12, 2008

Saying Goodbye

Saying, "Goodbye" to my precious little crafties! Do you see why I hoard? Do you SEE?

*if you click on the picture you can really see how sweet they are*


IdahoAngie said...

heh. I've been going to storage here and there and sorting through my crafts and taking the stuff I definately do not need and shouldn't have horded to the Idaho Youth Ranches second hand store. I had a whole bunch of stuff like that at one point. Lots and lots of talking myself into getting rid of it that I really didn't need it before I finally did it.

His Girl said...

if you hoard photos of your crafties, you can still enjoy them and take up only minimal space, and not be a crazy. win-win-win

bcolmer said...

They are SOOOOOO CUTE!! I am proud of you though, and his Girl has a very good point.

But, um, how come you have 3 elephants and 3 giraffes - aren't they supposed to be 2x2!!!

ha ha!!! just giveing you a hrd time!


Jenn said...

Made me think of animal crackers - maybe I need to go cook dinner. ;o)