Monday, October 27, 2008

Chicas of Faith 2008 - Picking Up The Cali Chicas

Picture it: God's Guitar Girl and Sing 4 Joy sitting in a row of seats at PHL, relaxing and waiting for the 30 minutes to expected arrival to pass. Did you notice that we showed up ON TIME? Mmhm. That's right. All of a sudden, the clouds parted, the heavens started singing and all time and space warped; except for the part in my line of vision where the most gorgeous group of women I have ever seen ~ aside from myself and GGG that is ~ was walking toward us, the leader of the group, my BFF. It was like breathing a breath of fresh air seeing her again and she was more beautiful than I even remembered.

To tell you the honest truth, much of the trip is quite a blur, but this part my heart remembers. I was saying to a friend the other day that my favorite part of these trips is the planning..... second only to the moment when I get to see my Chicas. So true. After hugs all around voluntarily, introducing GGG to the new girl Jtothe2nd, and scolding them for coming in early, we determined the direction to baggage claim and off we went. GGG and I had been together for a couple of days now, not really sleeping, GGG popping pills to fight off that stinking migraine, and me to tame my urethra, and maybe we were still a little jacked up from the awful color that they claim was the 'original' color in the courtroom part of Independence Hall. I guess we'll never know. But whatever the cause, we just sort of stood back and cracked each other up, at one point all the way to the floor, while we were waiting for the others to spy their luggage and gain us our freedom from PHL. (This, we will find out later was just a pipe dream)

This trip sparked a couple of new picture series for me. One being, the Peep series which is basically like a Where's Waldo? but with real life and people. This started because GGG was telling me about one of her favorite pictures from her cruise and how she wanted to do more and of course I was all over that! Well, GGG has sparked a revolution. Another series, the Papparrazzi series, began at the airport - when some unwilling Chica got upset that I was taking pictures of her after her long day of travel and put her hand in front of my camera.
Don't you know that you cannot stifle art?
GGG and I were beside ourselves with laughter over how she was going to peep the other Chicas without them noticing. Sad to have to report we never managed it.
Waiting waiting waiting.
WHEN will the luggage come?? We have a DATE with Jenster in King of Prussia and we still have to glide in, pick up the rental car and glide out.......mmhm.

Oh my goodness, will you look at the time?? I have a photo shoot this morning and I am still not dressed. Back later!


Gretchen said...

Just wear your pjs. Artists can get away with funky outfits. But I do recommend putting on a bra.

I wish you were here to take fall fotos of my fam. :(

mel said...

I'm sore from falling out of my chair....and the sides are splitting from the laughter. You NEVER fail to tell the best story....

(My word verification says "sapplit" -- what in the world??)

Jenster said...

I wanna know what happened next!!!

His Girl said...

unwilling chica *hmph*

God's Guitar Girl said...

Bras are overrated! Unless of course you're sitting across from someone not wearing one...

At any rate, I'd like to point out that the "peeping" was completely legal and not dirty or voyeuristic! No cute Amish boys or horses were harmed in the capturing of said peeps! haha!!

His Girl said...

ps: thank you for loving me right... and mentioning my beauty without gagging... no small feat since i was wearing hours of travel and no makeup!

btw... this is going to sound cheesy, but everytime i see you, it just feels like home.

so there.