Friday, March 13, 2009

Master Bedroom Renovation And Other Updates

*Safety Remarks* FYI - no cameras were harmed in the photoshoot of It's Fashion. We take the utmost care here at Southern Living to insure the safety and comfort of all of our cameras. There is no need to alert PETC. Thank you.

Update on Hubby's Arm - He has been on antibiotics since Sunday for the cellulitis in his arm. It has continued to spread out from his elbow in both directions and reached halfway to his shoulder and halfway to his wrist throughout the week. It now seems to be very slowly subsiding while still making him feel crummy and looking generally macabre.

Update on Master Bedroom renovations - Can we just make this about me for a second? Okay thank you. I am so beat! Holy Cats. Tired. Tired people! Also, please note that Jenster called me HAWT

Update on Master Bedroom renovations for real - Although this is taking way longer than we wanted it to, it is coming together. The wiring is finished, the walls are finished and painted with Cincinnati Hotel Carl Tan, the flooring is 9/10 installed. We have the baseboard, crown molding, trim around doors and windows, painting of the doors, installation of the new ceiling fan, installation of switch plates and outlet covers, and the finishing of the closet left to do, but I do believe we will be moving our bed back in today(If I can finish the touch-ups on the bed frame).

*all the walls are the same color. Some of the pictures were taken with flash, some without.



IdahoAngie said...

ooh looks lovely so far. Love the color. Of course anything is better then hospital white!

His Girl said...

beautiful!!! I bet you feel like a QUEEN in there!

Vindiciti said...

-gigglesnarf- That color name just gets me every time. It looks beautiful!

Jenster said...

Heck yeah, she said you're hawt! It look absolutely beautiful! And I love the paint - name and all.

Hope hubby's arm gets better ASAP!

mel said...

This is the look we're shooting for, too. It'll go perfectly with all our Asian stuff!

Brandy said...

love the flooring - and your humor!

Becky said...

It's all looking very good! Wow...that place is going to be a showpiece when y'all are done with it!