Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dateline S4J - To Catch A Cricket

As our story this evening begins, we find our heroine on night 3 of trying to locate and remove the LOUDEST CRICKET THAT EVER LIVED from her kitchen. In the beginning, she thought that the cricket was outside the kitchen window. But alas, the origin of the sound has moved each night to somewhere else in the kitchen. It knows she is looking for it. You can tell by the dead silence that occurs when she comes within visual range of its hiding place. But alas, attempts thus far to get it to interact with an online decoy have failed. (that was a reference to the OTHER Catch a something show). Desperate and tired - but what's new there - she goes to the trusty world wide web to find recipes for poison that the cricket will eat but the dog will not. Well, maybe she only thought about poison and researched how to catch the cricket instead. She is now trying the first piece of advice. Drink most of the drink - any drink - out of a plastic bottle, leaving just a smidgeon for the cricket to take interest in. It will - according to the wonderful world wide web reference, enter the bottle thirsty and desperate for a drink of what our heroine is willing to share with it and find itself stuck and unable to exit.
We leave our heroine slightly longing for that last swig of diet coke but rubbing her hands together in excited anticipation.
Merry Friday to all and to all a good night.
Well, except the cricket.



Jenster said...

The suspense is terrible! How could you just leave us hanging?

Gretchen said...

You had me at desperate and tired. ;) Hope it worked!

His Girl said...

I can't wait to read its eulogy.

Brandy said...

*wicked laugh Hope you get your bug!