Monday, August 24, 2009

Train Of Thought - S4J Style; A Series. Maybe.

So I got to thinking.

I'll just wait a moment and let that soak in.

Well, first a little instruction. These posts are going to be just my thinking as it is ordered in my head, from one tangent to the next. When you see this ..., that is code for, "And then I thought..." And starting in the next post, the title will include the beginning and ending thought in the 'train ride'.


I want to go to Hawaii...there are lots of people I know there right now...I bet GGG would know all the right places to go...She would make a great travel writer...because *1* she loves to travel, *2* she is a very eloquent writer, *3* she is willing to try travel book would be totally the opposite. It would have stuff in it like, "So the bathroom here at exit 2 was so clean! Be sure and schedule your stop there. Pick up snacks because you will be hungry once you get to the top of the crater. And there might be a restaurant at the top but it could be closed or it could only serve food that you would never in your life allow to pass your lips, and then you would starve and become cranky. Or dead. And don't forget bottled water and sunscreen. Don't dally looking at souvenirs on your way up or you won't make it to the crater before dark and then you won't be allowed to go. If souvenirs are that important to you, you can schedule some time on your way to the airport" might be fun to write a travel book with several writers who are friends and travel in different ways and do a Hawaii from four perspectives a day or something like that...what am I going to make for dinner tomorrow...oh it is 11:31pm and I am not nearly ready to go to bed...



God's Guitar Girl said...

Yes, you are the go-to girl on travelling hygiene. :) You totally inspired me to DL that app -- it's all downhill from here!

Jenster said...

You are just the silliest and I love you! I would get that travel book! Heck, I would participate in that travel book. Do you think we can get a publisher to send us places??

Vindiciti said...

I want to go to Hawaii...and I am not nearly ready to go to bed.


You, however, forgot the hand sanitizer. I'm shocked and appalled.