Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hubby discovered this on our tomato plant.

He let me take pictures of it and then he evicted it. And its little yellow friend there.
How crazy is the hair from the tomato vine??



MyShilohRanch said...

Yes, the tomato hairs are cool. But also is that nasty, destructive, strange tomato worm. God made them really very unique ... all those fake eyes and the unicornish feaux sword on his head and all. Great pic, btw!

I have read that if you make "bug juice" out of them and spray it on your plants; it will deter them. Gross job, but it is supposed to work!

What do you think that yellow friend is? I never found one of those on my matoes.

Vindiciti said...

Very cool pics of a funky bug. He was ready for his close-up, fo'sho!

His Girl said...


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abnsigoslady said...

You were is like a "worm-i-corn." I will be on the lookout for his likeness in my crop....ha. Love, Laura