Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Letters From War - IM Edition

Mr. S4J: hey, i meant to tell you this before

Mr. S4J: but i was also thinking of keeping it a secret surprise

S4J: oh?

Mr. S4J: but anyways, i thought that since it is our 15th year of marital bliss, we could have a vow renewal ceremony

Mr. S4J: do you want to do that?

S4J: oh crud! you just made me cry!

Mr. S4J: haha, sorry

S4J: I would love that

Mr. S4J: ok, we'll work it out

S4J: okay honey

Mr. S4J: i was thinking that if our anniversary was on a sunday, i would surprise you with it after services

Mr. S4J: but it would all be too hard, so i am just telling you

S4J: butthead

Mr. S4J: plus my old vows need to be renewed

S4J: oh?

Mr. S4J: they were good and all, but my dumb job got in the way of them sometimes

S4J: to make new ones or to reaffirm?

Mr. S4J: i'll make new ones, or reaffirm the old ones so you can know that my new dumb job won't get in their way

Mr. S4J: how is that?

S4J: I'm not sure

S4J: what do you mean by that?

Mr. S4J: i mean that sometimes i can't be there for you in sickness and in health because i am doing war

Mr. S4J: since i'll be retiring i will be able to be there more, and want to officially remind you of that

S4J: oh good Lord. Go to dinner before I turn into a pile of mess.

Mr. S4J: hahaha, sorry

Mr. S4J: have a good rest today

Mr. S4J: i love you

S4J: I love you too.



His Girl said...

oh geeez. now I am a big pile of dumb mess.

God is so good.

and Mr.S4J? Not so bad either.

love to you both.

Brandy said...

*sigh I love you guys!! That was awesome. Can I make you another wedding dress? I don't even know if I remember how. wow. 15 years. That guy is a keeper.

MyShilohRanch said...

ohmygoodness ... big pile of mess here too! Way too stinkin' sweet!!! Ditto to everything in the two previous comments ... except the offer of making the wedding dress, of course. However, thinking back 15 years ... there was probably enough material in your first gown to make a whole 'nother one!!! Bless both your hearts...the rest of you too.

mel said...

Good junk, S4J Family!

lisasmith said...

you're making me weepy. thanks for enduring, sis so we can be free!

Gretchen said...

My utmost thanks to both of you and to the God who watches over C and the rest of our troops.

Jenster said...