Monday, January 4, 2010

Our Vacation Statistics

We drove approximately 4,000 miles through 5 states (4 of them twice) in about 16 days, attending 3 family gatherings, 1 airport, 2 church services, 4 amusement parks, 2 lakes, 2 Starbucks, 4 hotels, countless restaurants(including Jack-in-the-box in 4 states) and gas stations, using approximately 209 gallons of gas averaging approximately 19 miles to the gallon pulling 1 little blue trailer.

Highest price for regular unleaded gasoline: $3.09 in California
Which is still less than $5.00 for 16oz of Starbucks mochawhatever
Vacation Tally: $2500.00
Time spent with family and friends: Priceless.



Gretchen said...

Priceless, indeed.

mel said...

Only TWO Starbucks??? ;-)

Vindiciti said...

Like, seriously. 5,000 miles on 115 gallons through 12 states over 8 days in a little blue Prius. Max gas price $2.99 in Pennsylvania. Every major fast food chain restaurant we could find once. One kid drop, one kid pick up. Visited the same relative twice. Only stayed in 2 motels, thank God.
No Starbucks, though I did think about it. Seriously? Did I just say that? Bah!
I refuse to do a vacation total, but I do agree that the family time was priceless! Really didn't want to think about the stats! Thanks a lot, S4J!