Thursday, January 20, 2011

Backpacking Through Joshua - wk 2

Well. Here we are in week 2 of our hike through the Old Testament book of Joshua. Can I be real here for a second? Is anyone else already losing steam? I hate this unruly pattern I have of being so, so excited about a Bible study and then, gradually finding more and more things to occupy my time.

So ~ isn't it interesting that this week's focus is about how God is worthy. Worthy of what? Well, specifically in the lesson this week, worthy of my efforts to be a good witness to who He is. And you know what else He is worthy of? He is worthy of my undivided attention. Do you think that God was distracted by facebook when He was creating me? Of course not. Did He take the time to feed the Israelites when they were wandering in the wilderness before we picked up their story in Joshua? Yes He did. Did He, knowing full well every sin I would ever do against Him, create a way from the beginning of time for me to be forgiven of those sins that I might be in full relationship with Him. In awe, I say to you, yes He did.

And where does 'your witness' come from? Is it in your countenance (your facial expressions)?. Is it in your tone of voice? Is it in your willingness/unwillingness to forgive others? Is it in your reactions to circumstances? Is it in the way you treat people? Is it in the time/effort you devote to getting to know your God better?


Really poking at my heart tonight. What does it say about my God to the outside world that I am caught up on all my friend's statuses on facebook and I have the reigning score on Zumablitz AND Bejeweled Blitz, but I cannot even list all of the books of the Bible? Not because I have tried and lack the memory skills mind you, but because I have barely tried and then moved on to other things. Don't get me wrong, this is, by no means, a post about the evils of facebook, blogging, tv or whatever else. Nor is this me shaking my finger at you because, you also cannot list the 66 books of the Bible because you have the reigning score at a game I have not played against you :). (Or maybe you can) But I do have to ask the very real question of what of ME is my God worthy of? Answer = everything. Next question = Would people, through knowing me, believe that my God is worthy, like Rahab did, of turning from everything they have grown up doing and believing and rest their very survival in Him? I can't answer that question. But I can say this...I wish that is true.

Wishing is not enough.

Is our witness important? Fo shizzle. Are we always going to get it right? Of course not ~ there is no one perfect. Not one.
But being a sinner is not an excuse. We still have to try.

Geez. Did I even address this week's questions?

Worship =
In addition to You Are My God, which I posted at the beginning of the week, take some time to ponder this song...



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Linda Hawkins said...

I enjoyed your comments. Like you, I often find myself making lots of time for "everything" and not enough time for God. Your questions about our "witness" clearly depicted the fact that the way I live (and react to) my life daily either glorifies God or doesn't glorify Him. In a similiar sense, some of my life choices will also undoubtedly either bring others to Christ or lead them away from Christ. That's a huge responsibility to bear, that I know I have failed at often. Still, I must continue to get up after failures, pray for mercy and strength, and continue to live my life for Him because He is worthy.

God's Guitar Girl said...

As Amber is wont to say, "I heard that with my bad ear!" So true, so true, every.single.word.

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Mmmm Hmmm!

lisasmith said...

ouch, girl. you're getting too close to that tender spot!!! Judi, I love the vulnerability in this post. I love you.

Vindiciti said...

So that is why I had nothing to say this week. You already said it.

word verification: tuines-As in Judi likes the tuines. Or as in I think our brains are in tuine.

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Did I really never comment on this post?

I must've been distracted.