Saturday, January 8, 2011

Two Years

Today marks 2 years since the birth of our first grandchild. This year we had the privilege of visiting him and celebrating with him (last weekend). It has been a beautiful two years of healing a relationship that was in tatters before this little guy came along. He is the light of our lives. A bright, handsome, sweet and funny boy who loves his Mommy and Daddy and just about everyone else he comes in contact with.

When I first saw this, I didn't believe I would ever see it in person or hold it for myself. Although I prayed and prayed that it would be so. I was already in love with him. He came into the world about 2 weeks later.

And his hand was even more beautiful...

Then, somewhere in there, God manifested the miracle of healing in our relationship with our daughter and then I got to see this hand in person. He was almost a year old.

Then he came to see his Auntie graduate and we got to take him on his first trip to the zoo. Of course, he had to try his hand at driving the safari jeep.

This is his hand today; which I got to watch use a fork and eat his birthday cake with. His Mother and Father are both so gracious to allow us to be a part of his life and theirs. I love this boy. And his Mama.

Today marks two years since the birth of our very first grandchild.



mel said...

Very well done - and so full of love and grace!

Becky said...

Awww. So precious.

Gretchen said...

Sniff. I have something in my eye. xxxooo

God's Guitar Girl said...

1) How can he already be 2?!?

2) Kleenex alert would've been great! The pics are so, well, perfectly tied together. And to see how God's hand has been working through this situation is the most beautiful part of it all.

Vindiciti said...

Judi, beautiful pictures like always! What a special gift for a grandma to give to her grandson, the beauty of what you see in him.

Anyway, the only other thing I had to say Kim already said, so, yeah. Beautiful to watch God work!

Word verification: zymedd. Wow, these two years have really just zymedd by! Are you sure he's really already TWO?!?!?

His Girl said...

one of my favorite stories of redemption.

oh, how He loves us.

and how I love those little hands.

MyShilohRanch said...

Those precious little hands ... HIS precious and powerful Hands! Awww, what a sweet post, Ms S4J <3 I love you and rejoice with you. G'kids are the BEST!

Erin Hill said...

I love the way you document your life. You inspire me.