Saturday, May 31, 2008

DIY - Why?

The next time you have the inclination to Do It Yourself, throw out your palm and yell, "Get thee behind me Satan!!" Just kidding. If Satan wants to help you lay tile - you should let him. He's probably better at it than you. Nah. Just kidding. But seriously. We wives at home were discussing what we were going to do when our men came home from war. One said, "We're going to Greece." One said, "We're going Mexico." I said, "We're going to Lowe's." And THAT my friends is what we did. No cruising for us. Unless you count cruising the aisles of the local Lowe's with the big blue cart. The possibilities are endless and the sites are different around every corner. Some day I'd like to take my camera there just so you can experience the beauty of it with me. Trying to order kitchen cabinets with your man fresh back from war - not the best activity. However, if you get smart and send him to oogle tools while YOU work out the cabinets. Now THAT's inspired. So - poor Suzanne has been looking for something new to read and here it is. Hubby returned on Saturday. Sunday we attended both services at church and hubby was honored. At first service our 12 year old daughter sang, "I'm Proud To Be An American". *sniff* Monday evening, many many women descended upon our home. Hubby took the kids out to dinner and a movie, and I had the entire western hemisphere over for dinner. Minus the men. The funnest part of the night - in my opinion - was when we had about 14 women and 2 toddlers crammed into my dining room, and our incoming president banged the cowbell and yelled, "Musical Chairs! Time to pick up your plates and find a new seat." I stood in the doorway and laughed HARD and took pictures. Who knew she would actually MAKE them move when I suggested it flippantly??
The timing of my husband's return happened to coincide with the week that our local chapter of PWOC was having a trainer in to train us on next year's theme and how to lead women. Our trainer Melinda is a good friend of mine who was stationed here a few years ago (and got to leave) and is also a blogging maniac - you've read her stuff before here. She blogged about her time here which is really cool, cause that means I am free to fast forward. Anyway, she stayed with us while she was here and we had a great time! I titled the time - Driving Miss Melinda. That was good junk. On Wednesday morning, I had the Praise Team over for one last hurrah. My husband grilled up steaks and other delicious meats - and once again - the Western Hemisphere was here. There were SIXTEEN children here! And do you know, that is not ALL of our children?? Lordy Mercy. Anyway, this was a wonderful time for us to be together. I gave them the appreciation gifts I had worked on for them and we sang a few songs too. Including the new PWOC theme song - THE MORE I SEEK YOU (I'll post the video later). It was really cool to have Melinda add another beautiful tenor sound to our group. I also received a couple of special gifts. Then it was time to send the team on their various ways, and to send Melinda back on home. We sang together our farewell song THE LORD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU. I'll try to post the video of that sometime too. After dinner - the demolition started! And we have been going non-stop (well, except to shop) ever since. I will probably be scarce for a while still as the projects that we are working on, we are trying to complete before my husband has to go back to work on the 9th. These include - completely re-doing the laundry room. Tiling and wall re-configuration in the music/craft room. Completely and I mean COMPLETELY re-doing the kitchen. This will be the final goodbye to the 70's faux brick flooring. The last vestiges of it will be replaced with ceramic tile. All clean and bright and simple. Ahhh. Here's a sampling of the work thus far. OF COURSE I will be doing collages when the dust clears and the man is away. Until then ~ think twice about DIY. I'm kidding. It's FUN! Okay - I'm half kidding.


His Girl said...

I can't wait to see what ya'll come up with!!!

glad to see you resurface in the blogging world! welcome!

His Girl said...

also, very funny post.

and I can't wait to hear the LBYAKY song again. one of my favorites!

Suzanne said...

LOL..I just had to laugh out loud at the "get thee behind me satan" comment because I know how that goes. My hubby and I have done tons of DIY projects, including ceramic tile. Like you guys, we are much more likely to be doing projects here rather than going somewhere else...and the projects never seem to end. Our most recent one has been re-building our porch roof (so amazing to have shade in this Texas heat!). Hope all goes well for your projects!

Welcome back!! Can't wait for the videos you mentioned!

IdahoAngie said...

I can't wait to see pics! I love doing that kind of stuff. If I could I would come help you guys!

Gretchen said...

My husband is a wonderful man, but yea, he is hopeless at home improvement or fixing of any kind.

Tho we may be eating T*p R@men for a while, it's worth it to write the check and be done. Of course we can't do major overhauls too darned often, but for small repairs, it's "checkbook, please".

Jenster said...

I'm just happy he's home!!! Of course, you already know anything because we're chatting on-line RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE!

God's Guitar Girl said...

First of all, I heart Melinda and her voice. Makes me SICK I wasn't there to see her.

Second of all, I HEART YOUR MAN! Seriously, anything he touches is handyman GOLD!! He is totally my DIY hero!!

And lastly, I heart Lowe's. I heart power tools. I admit, I need help. :)