Friday, May 9, 2008

Truth In Advertising

There are certain claims that companies make that cause me to say, "BUNK!", "PUH-LEASE!" and "YEAH RIGHT!"

One of them is the claim of manufacturers of Dishwashers and Dishwasher Soaps that claim that you can put a dish directly into the Dishwasher without even so much as turning it over into the sink first and the greatness of the soap or the washer ~ depending on who's doing the advertising at the moment ~ will cause the dishes to come out sparkling clean without so much as a scrap of food left on them. BUNK. If I am SCRUBBING a plate with my dish-brush (look for a pic of it later) and junk is not coming off, HOW is a spray of water and a bit of diluted detergent going to do the job?? I have pulled dishes out of Dishwashers that have been placed in this way. They were not clean. I do not want my fresh, cookedtotherighttemperature food being placed on someone else's leftover-stuckon-heatedup-coatedwithsoap food and have to pretend that I am not in fear of passing on due to sepsis. Not going for it. EVER.

Another is the claim made by manufacturers of spray oven cleaners that you can spray the chemical of wonder onto your bakedon-greasy-nasty-blackandcrusty oven and it will wipe right off without burning your eyes out from caustic fumes and leaving a hole in your oven. Stop yourselves people! That is what I say. This is BUNK! Have you seen a REAL oven in action? I.DON'T.THINK.SO.

Eh hem. Yesterday was clearly *if you are a boy or an overly delicate girl, skip down to the double set of asterisks* PMS Thursday. "Why?" you ask? Because I was home all day which means it was a day devoid of regularly scheduled activities, and I was highly motivated to spring cleaning type chores which means I must be PMS'ing. (Yes a girl with no uterus can have PMS(minus the cramps and need for feminine hygiene products). STINKS doesn't it??) This was confirmed when I changed for bed and had to gasp for air at the soreness of a couple of my parts when they were released from their restraints.

**Boys and sensitive Girls: You may now rejoin the story in progress with your dignity in-tact. Mine is in Idaho or something.**

I needed to run down to my local Dollar General to pick up a couple of cleaning supplies. A new dish brush - this must be done regularly, in addition to bleaching it in the interim. Also, a new scrubby sponge because I wanted to move the one from the sink to the gross job I was about to undertake, some new Swiffer mop wet pads, and I decided that even though I KNEW the product wouldn't work as advertised, it may give me an easier time of it anyway; so I would try a can of oven cleaner. The oven. tsk. tsk. It has gone too far when that burnt grease smell fills up the kitchen because you are trying to heat up some rolls for dinner.

Okay everyone, here is where I eat humble pie. I would eat chocolate pie - which would be much tastier - but I don't have any of that on hand. I read ALL the directions and precautions. BECAUSE THAT IS WHY THEY ARE THERE INTERNET.

Then I skeptically sprayed down the sides and the bottom of the oven and let it soak for a couple of hours while I did some other maniacal chore.

When I came back, I donned my gloves and picked up the sponge to make one swipe. Here is the result.....

Do you SEE that swipe down the side??? I do NOT believe it!

This is my oven after wiping it down with the sponge side only. There was some stubborn stuff left, and I hadn't sprayed down the back - as you can see.

So I gave it another coat and let it soak overnight.
These are the ONLY tools I used....

Well....okay. I didn't use the pink gloves because I just got gifted those today, but they are so stinking cute that I had to give them props. And I did not use the green-scrubby side of the sponge.

The only thing I would dispute about the Easy Off advertising is that it claims to be fume free. It is not fume FREE, but honestly - the fumes are minimal. It certainly did not burn my eyes out, and it was a rather pleasant lemon smelling fume as fumes go. I just turned the vent fan on low and went about my business. All in all - I would use this product again and tell my friends to use it too. Oh. I guess I just did.

This is my oven today.


His Girl said...

is THAT what ovens look like underneath? I HAD NO IDEA!

Well told, and rather inspiring!

IdahoAngie said...

awsome!! oh and if your dignity is in Idaho then mine must be in Louisiana LOL! haha.


Becky said...

WOW! I'm impressed!

Is it truly fume free?

Vindiciti said...
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Vindiciti said...

Wow, I guess we've been hanging out too much if we're PMSing at the same time. I can think of at least two other ladies we hang out with that are right there on the calendar with me.
Maybe Romania was right when she said we should stop the Friday morning thing without a vote.

PS: Love the gloves, you Domestic Diva!

PPS: You can also use Easy Off on the TOP of your stove when it looks as bad as the inside of your oven as mine does right now, FYI. Reminder to self - get more Easy Off.

Shauna said...

Wow! I'm amazed. Both at the sparkling clean oven and the fact you found truth in advertising. :0)

Gretchen said...

Do you have a pretty apron and some high heels and pearls to go with those gloves? :)

Wow. Looks great. When's dinner? I'm starved. xxxooogretchen

Jenn said...

I just noticed that the last two comments I left were under "Jennifer". That is me - sorry for the confusion.

I so need to clean out my oven. We are selling our house so I am sure that prospective buyers are looking in and it is turning them away. Hee, hee. ;o)

I am going to try this product. By the way I am enjoying getting caught up on your blog today.