Saturday, March 22, 2008

Waters Gone By

I have said this before but I am not sure you really got it. GLORY REVEALED ROCKS. This album is promises straight from the Word of God. Waters Gone By is one of my favorite favorite favorite tracks. I will lift up my face without shame. I will firmly stand with no fear inside. I will surely forget all my troubles and pain, regarding them only as waters gone by.
Seriously people. Go buy this album! You can download it from iTunes - or you can purchase it from my favorite online Christian retailer - CBD


His Girl said...

Some really cool chick already bought it for me.

I am blessed.

mel said...

hey, me too! thanks, really cool chick for introducing this.

there's just nothing more powerful than to sing God's words back to Him!

Jenn said...

The lyrics were great and I loved that the music made me groove a little. I will have to check it out. Thanks for the tip!

Marsha said...

I really do need to get this CD! I said it before when you mentioned it, but didn't do it.

I've tagged you for MEME. Come on over when you get a minute.

bcolmer said...

Hey - a really cool Chick bought this for me too!!! I LOVE IT!!! and I bought it for several other people. It is definetely a good one!