Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Word Of The Day Wednesday

There were several that I liked this week - so you get them all. Enjoy. Hope your words are happy and healing today!

Valentime's Day
The 14th of February. It falls on the same day as Valentine's Day except this one is only celebrated by 5 year olds.

nocebo (no-SEE-bo) noun
A substance producing harmful effects in someone because it is believed to be harmful, but which in reality is harmless.

prepone (pree-PON) verb tr.
To reschedule an event to an earlier time.

Job's comforter (johbz KUM-fuhr-tuhr) noun
A person who tries to console or help someone and not only fails but ends up making the other feel worse.

sternutation (stur-nyuh-TAY-shuhn) noun
The act of sneezing or a sneeze

recherche \ruh-sher-SHAY\, adjective:1. Uncommon; exotic; rare.2. Exquisite; choice.3. Excessively refined; affected.4. Pretentious; overblown.


His Girl said...


Let's prepone our chica trip to TODAY!

what do you think of THAT?

T said...

Love the words. But I wonder why Valentine's Day in March? hm...

Anyway, gotta go, I feel a sternutation coming on.

Jenster said...

We used to celebrate Valentime's Day. Not anymore.

Let's prepone our chica trip to TODAY!


Shauna said...

Great words!

Becky said...

Some of my son's classmates parents (helping with the Valentine's party) referred to the day as Valentime's Day.

That is cute coming from a child, but it kind of grates on me the same way as when folks say, "I picked up some books at the Libarry", lol.

mel said...

...oh yes...and all the adornments we wear on our fingers and around our necks...you know...jewry!

Jenn said...

I so enjoy word of the day Wednesday. I hope you having a great day!

Gretchen said...

Love these. They remind me of sniglets of yore.

Around here, it was Balemtime's Day.

And, we sit on our "bommons". Later morphing to "bottomons".


God's Guitar Girl said...

I've never heard of "nocebo;" however, I have heard of a term "placebo" which has the same meaning...