Thursday, January 8, 2009


On this, what would have been my brother's 38th birthday, our first grandchild has been born.

The specs:

It's a boy!

Born at: 4:17 pm
Weight: 6lbs 13oz
Length: 19 1/2 inches

Mom and baby are healthy and remain in the hospital a wee bit longer for observation.

Grandchildren are the crown of old men,
And the glory of sons is their fathers.
Proverbs 17:6


Gretchen said...

Praise God. May He strengthen, heal, and bring joy with this amazing gift. Isn't it neat that God knew exactly the right day for this little one to be born?

Gretchen said...

boy or girl?

His Girl said...

congratulations, my dear sister. may his life be full of love, Light, and laughter.
may God shine His face upon that little one and may He grow to be a mighty man of God.
love you.

BeFri said...

Yay!! How cool that it was on your brother's birthday. so neat.

Jenster said...

Born on your brother's birthday. Coincidence? Or something else? Something else, definitely!!

Prayers for the baby and mom and all of you! Congratulations!!

Barbling said...

I have been praying for you!!
And your girly and now that new baby, and the hope his new little life brings!!

IdahoAngie said...

Congrats Gramma!!!

Becky said...

Awww, I just love that he was born on that day! Congratulations! Y'all are going to be GREAT grandparents, I just know it.

And your photographs...oh, man...they're FAB! Beautiful, poignant...just FAB.