Saturday, January 3, 2009

Irony Pie And Vestiges Of Christmas Music

As you may recall, irony visits me often. It is a regular companion to me. Here's an example:
Just the other day I said to my friend Jenn, "I don't read your recipe blog because I don't like to cook, but maybe you could publish it cookbook style for your kids."

And then, today, I went to 2 different stores about 30 miles apart to find whole Allspice and Kitchen Bouquet for a recipe I wanted to try. Open mouth, insert foot. The honest truth is that I DON'T like to cook. But I do have a family who needs to be fed, and we do have a need for healthier meals with fresher ingredients. Hence, I read my cookbooks(which were all gifts) and find recipes that require things that half the world has never even heard of. Whatever. It was a recipe for "Lip smackin' chicken", and it turned out fine. If you're really that interested - leave me a comment and I'll email you the recipe.

Anyway, when we try recipes out of a cookbook, we try to rate it in the cookbook so we know for next time whether to bother with it or not. And as I was thinking about that this evening, I thought - you know, my family is pretty particular about their likes and dislikes and it would be way easier for me if all the stuff WE like were in ONE book. That thought took me back to Jenn and the cookbook for posterity idea. SO - I decided that I would put together one for our family and when each kid moves out, I will give them one so that they can have the recipes for their favorite meals altogether in one place. Maybe I'll include lovey quotes and beautiful S4J photography as well. Who knows? Perhaps there will even be a recipe for Irony Pie in there. Don't go getting all 'crazy' thinking that I am endeavoring on this huge cookbook scheme or anything like that, and NO I am not starting a recipe blog. I had already downloaded the Blurb software for my New Year gift which STILL no one has gotten for me, and I just opened a file for the cookbook. As I care to pass the time with it, I will enter a recipe into it. Then, when it is time - I will have it printed.

Tomorrow I am singing a special at first service. Our first service Worship Leader requested that we get in the last vestiges of Christmas music, so I chose a truly lovely song that I heard for the first time about a month ago called Christmas Lullaby (Lead You Home) by Amy Grant which I have posted for you below. Imagine me as that skinny blond girl (minus the foreign choir, the duet partner, and the live musicians) and you pretty much know what I will sound like and look like in the morning.


Gretchen said...

You will sound even bettah, I'm thinking.

I don't lurve to cook either. But I have those same issues: a family who needs to eat. I'm trying to do a new recipe each week. We'll see. Growing pains. :)

His Girl said...

For a girl who says she's not great at being a mommy, you've got some pretty amazing ideas!
I am so impressed and inspired.

It's an honor, ma'am!

BeFri said...

just a little suggestion on collecting your "Repertoire" of recipes: I treat mine similar to chord sheets for worship - I keep them in a binder in those little sleeves. Most of them anyway. Especially the ones I get off of the internet. I have actually taken the time to type some others up . Now mind you this is not such an organized binder - it is a work in progress. Then once you get it to a publishing state, you can make a fancy book. I'm so not there yet, but its really handy for me to have all my keepers in one place. Then you can make your menu for the week - kind of like making a worship set.

Linn said...

I hope your singing went really well :) God bless!
~"skinny blonde girl"~