Thursday, April 2, 2009

Into The Light - A Series *edited*

I have started my 'feelings' post, and it is a monster. I need someone to reach into my brain, extract the details that are pertinent from every angle and then write them into a poignant, easy to read and understand, memorable forever blogger blogspot blog post. *coughs*jenster*coughs*hisgirl*coughs*gretchen*coughs*ggg*

Well anyway, HisGirl has been throwing down over at her place, just letting it all hang out 'in the light' and well, as I must do everything that she does, I am going to flip the switch too.

I am thinking it will be a series but not all deep and spiritual and relevant to others like HisGirl's writing always is, I am just going to show you the ugly and hope that by exposing myself, it will cause me to repent, change, grow, stop - or at least move in the direction of those actions. Feel free to gank my special made-by-HisGirl button and step into the light with me.

Here goes my first sunburn:

I hate going to the doctor. Really hate it. Most especially when parts of my body that are normally covered by clothing are involved. However, I would rather go to the doctor than go to the gym. Seriously. Even considering the high likelihood that the current state of my weight and diet could be responsible for some of the reasons I have to visit said doctor.

Wow! That worked immediately! I am leaving for the gym right now!

Not really. But I want to want to leave for the gym right now.

It's a start.

Becky left this insight that made me sit up and take notice. Snap.
Picking up the cross daily is much harder when we're out of shape spiritually speaking.



His Girl said...

hmmm. i don't know if i like this whole exposing the dark to the light thing and then making changes.

ignorance, 'tis bliss, no?


Becky said...

Wow, I wonder if that would work for me, too?

Oh. Nope.

Still no desire to go to the gym.


In fact, I just want to go sit on the sofa and eat junk food and chocolate and watch cheesy movies all weekend long instead of eating my healthy diet foods and working in the yard.

Picking up the cross daily is much harder when we're out of shape spiritually speaking. I think I've been getting a bit flabby. Guess I should go beat my body and make it my slave (and that's from 1 Cor. 9:27, just in case you thought I was going to go hurt myself, lol).

His Girl said...

oh, snap for Becky is right! wow.

also, I plan to do a little exposure next week. i think i have a doozy.

Gretchen said...

Ummmm...yeah...being naked is not so fun when we're exposing any sort of guilt or shame.

But I've got news for you--we're all made of the same stuff.

And I'm not looking away. xxxooo

Brandy said...

Gank!!! I have not heard that in years!!!

I know how you feel about all those sistas you mentioned being able to 'throw down' in a way that is all relevant and profound and stuff. I guess WE can just throw down a song or something..but for that we need video. *cringe*

Alana said...

Haha! I know how you feel. I've been working out for awhile now and I rarely actually want to. I so wish I was one of those people!

Loving your design right now!

abnsigoslady said...

I like this. It reminded me of your photography. I imagine that you move people around to get them into the "best light" for the shot. Your series is like getting yourself, and those reading, into the best light...His light. A nasty shadow messes up the whole pose. Happy Easter to you and yours. Much love, Laura