Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Where In The World Is S4J? - Day 2

Hey! Glad you came back to the South~ do you know that I blew right past my 300th post? This one marks number 302!
Anyway, Silly me, I went out without my camera this morning so you don't get any pics yet, but I will tell you these clues.

I stayed the night with family but this is not my final destination.

I went to Target to buy some DVD+Rs (and can't we all just get along and not be (-) or (+) but just DVDR? Please? This is way more complicated than the simple folks like me can handle. I just want lots of space to store my pictures. I don't want to be out eighty bucks because my drive is a (+) but I bought (-) DVDs and already opened them before I even knew how wrong I was!
Anyway - so Target is your first clue. (You can deduce that I am not still at home)
After I left Target I went to Sonic for a breakfast sandwich and diet cherry Coke. I really like to eat at certain restaurants when I am away from home that I don't normally have the option of. Failing that, I will always go for what is familiar. I haven't had an opportunity yet to try either of my top 2. Which are Jack-in-the-Box and Del Taco.
Anyway, I need to get back to reloading the car and reprogramming the GPS and some other things before I am on my way. I will try to remember to drag out my camera soon.



IdahoAngie said...

your definately not on the way to Idaho *cries*

Gretchen said...

No way! Are you really? That's a long road trip. YOU RULE!

abnsigoslady said...

Are you wearing a funny hat like Waldo? Laura

Brandy said...

ooohh!! you're on an adventure!! woo hoo!! I am so glad for you!

I am going to guess that since His Girl is in a state much closer to yours than her normal state, you are goin to where she's at! And now that I am pretty sure that I am right...I am going to go be all jealous and stuff, and pout that I am not with y'all, and that chicas is not happening this year...but then I will be happy for you again that you are getting way and having so much FUN!!

I want pictures -with faces!!