Monday, April 13, 2009

Yet Another Reason NOT To Work Out

So - my ID card expired yesterday. We went to post first thing this morning to renew my ID card. It was about 8:30am and standing room only. I was faced with a very difficult choice. Stay and get my ID card handled OR join the torture club at the gym. There was no way I would make it to the gym if I stayed and handled my card. I chose to meet the ladies at the gym as part of my attempts at staying in the light.

Then I came home and showered to turn right around and have a girl's day out with my 13 year-old to join some of the ladies from the torture club At the viewing of the Hannah Montana movie. As soon as I was finished, I called hubby to meet us on post and get that ID card handled.

Soooo, tra la la - get to the front of the line to get on post and the guard takes my ID and scans it. Then he GOES AWAY. There I am - BLOCKING THE LINE and waiting and waiting. He comes back into view filling out paperwork and finally hands it to me but NOT MY ID CARD. "Your ID card is being confiscated because it is expired. Take this form with you to in/out processing to get a new one."

Moral of the story: I should not be working out.



Becky said...

Yes, definitely a sign.

Gretchen said...

Oh geez...yeah...I'd say that's a good reason. And definitely, definitely, avoid muscle exertion and soreness at all costs.

His Girl said...

not a good reason.

humph! get back to the gym, yo!

(do I sound encouraging there? or am I just coming off mean?)

I mean *clears throat*

Just a minor setback, friend! So proud of you for going to the gym!

mel said...

No ID card on a base = No identity or personhood whatsoever. Glad you're back among the acknowledged!

IdahoAngie said...

Don't feel bad I have a Y membership and haven't been since our house fire and for the last month I haven't had an excuse NOT to go LOL!

Barbling said...

Oh NO.... not a sign not to work out because....correct me if I am wrong, but your ID card did allow you access the installation in the morning to have quality time with said "torture club"....however did not allow you to re-gain access in the afternoon after quality time with "torture club" members, AND your beautiful daughter!!!
So, I might think its maybe something to do with the movie you watched, or perhaps....I don't know, but I do know it DOES NOT have anything to do with the "torture club".... Are you coming tomorrow??? Missed you today!!!