Monday, December 10, 2007

Deliberate, small acts of nurturing

Today I used my new travel size Mary Kay Satin Hands Pampering set. (more about that later) This also was a time for me to do something that is one small, but deliberate way I honor and cherish my marriage. I cleaned my wedding rings. The only times that my rings are removed from my hand are during major surgery (such as having giant twin babies removed from my womb, or later having my giant womb removed.) or when I am cleaning them. I take special care with this task because, like all women, my wedding rings are something I cherish deeply, because they are a gift from my husband, but more than that I want to always remember, even in the smallest things that my marriage is a special gift that left neglected could falter and most certainly will suffer.
Now if I could just remember that when hubby wants a back scratch.

1 comment:

His Girl said...

*feeling slightly smug but completely pleased*

this was another beautiful post. honoring a marriage is special always, but i happen to know it means something especially special now. Good for you to keep that tradition during this season!

and thanks for the reminder that I should be doing the same!