Sunday, December 9, 2007

Working on not being broken

(To get the full effect of this note, you have to read MY CUP RUNNETH OVER first. lol - they don't order up right.)
Whoops. I chipped my cup. Hubby IM'd and I missed it. Here is where I introduce you to the S2 team: satan + self. I'm sure you've already met. Satan says to me, "Well, if you hadn't been doing the dishes, you would have caught him." And I say, "Yeah. And now I am sad, and what if I never get another opportunity to speak to him again?" The proper and appropriate response to this is, "You're right. I am never doing the dishes again!"
Wait. I mean, the proper and appropriate response to this is, "Shut up S2." and "Lord, thank You for my dishes and thank You that I saw that my husband was thinking of me."


His Girl said...

WOW! Another wonderful, beautiful blog! This is such a treat for me-
keep going!!!

Also, I already used your S2 saying in training today- your insight is already inspiring change in Christians in different states! Well done!

Becky said...

Great insight, Judi! Popped over from His Girls blog.