Tuesday, June 24, 2008

AVADIJ-E4 - June 24

A fierce storm blew through our area today. It came up quickly, put down a lot of rain and hail and brought mighty winds. Sadly, we weren't prepared for this storm and the things located in our outside work area took somewhat of a beating. Here I am, living and breathing ~ and so I praise the Lord! A view of the destruction.......

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.
Psalm 150:6


His Girl said...

oh my golly! i can't believe what happened!

I am SO glad you have breath! I am SO glad you're praising Him!


Jenster said...

Those Southern storms can be insane! So glad you and yours are okay and it was just some "unimportant" stuff that was damaged.

Suzanne said...

Living in Dallas, I know what those storms can be like. Thank God you are ok!

We do a lot of home improvement type projects and have had our stuff out on the back porch when a storm blew through. It stinks, but again, really glad you're alright!

Becky said...

Wowza! Praise the Lord for His protection of you all!

Put's things in perspective, doesn't it? What are a few broken panes of glass in light of life threatening injuries?

God's Guitar Girl said...

Holy cats (to quote HisGirl)!!! Is that a dog food bowl sticking out of the door?!?

Susie Q said...

We too have had some nasty storms of late. They blow through quickly but have left many with lots of messes to clean up.
I am sorry you have this to deal with but so happy you are safe!

We lived in the South many times and oh my but the storms can be ruthless!

Stay well and happy now...